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Psychological Pitfalls And Lessons of A Designer-Founder

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

It’s an exceptional time to be a product person and a founder: we are collectively responsible for—and a part of—inventing the future. In the last ten years, design has changed the face of consumer electronics. That change has impacted the way we live, from how we communicate to how we get around.

I started Massive Health as a designer and a founder. These are the most important lessons and psychological pitfalls I learned. They apply to any founder or manager who is also a creative.

Your Job Isn’t To Make A Great Product

As a founder, your job isn’t to make a great product. It’s to build a great team that makes great products. You are who you hire.

If you love doing something, under no condition should you start a VC-backed company to do more of it. You won’t. You are going to spend all of your time recruiting, fundraising, recruiting, aligning team vision, recruiting, and figuring out which fires you can safely ignore. (more…)