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Mobile Firefox and Designing Without Modal Overlays

In the concept video I recently did for laying out the interface paradigms for Firefox Mobile, I listed five guiding principals.

  1. Touch it with your finger
  2. Large targets are good
  3. Visual Momentum and Physics are compelling
  4. Typing is difficult
  5. Content is king

It’s these principals that inform the design of new features long after the original design as been coded, released, and iterated on. In discussions with the perspicacious Mike Beltzner, another design principal emerged.

 6. Use modal overlays sparingly, if at all.

To be sure we are on the same page—I’m may be partaking in the dangerous hobby of coining new terminology—an overlay is simply a content area that sits in front of the content beneath it. The aspect that makes a modal overlay modal is that when it is up, the content “beneath” the overlay cannot be acted upon until the overlay is dismissed. Although a modal overlay may be visually transparent, it is never interaction transparent: you must always take action, like clicking “okay”, before continuing with your workflow. While I’m living dangerously, I’ll toss one more phrase into the mix: a state-forgetting modal overlay is an overlay whose state is reset every time it is summoned. That is, any work you do in the overlay is lost when you dismiss it.

Some examples of modal overlays are dialog/monologue boxes, ever-so-Web-2.0 Lightboxes, and the bookmarks interface for Mobile Safari. Some examples of overlays that aren’t modal are transparent messages and the OS X’s on-screen display for volume. The former have a number of interaction pitfalls that the latter do not share.

What’s wrong with modal overlays? In a word, they are modal: You are either interacting with the content or the overlay. Modal overlays don’t allow you to refer back and forth between two sources of information, or move fluidly between two actions. The second problem with modal overlays are that they are disconnected and disjoint from other overlays—knowing how to access one doesn’t yield a physical sense of how to access another one; they do not scale to give a unified, cohesive interface.

Let’s take a look at a plausible interface to illustrate the point; an implementation of search-and-replace using a Lightbox.

At first glance, this seems like a friendly, Web 2.0 way of doing things: it affords the opportunity for large typography and an uncluttered screen. While using a Lightbox is Web 2.0, it isn’t necessarily friendly. In fact, it has a fairly clunky workflow, for anything but the most basic case. Imagine you want to replace all instances of the text “insightfully thought” with “perspicaciously reckoned”, both of which exist in the text, although separated by a couple pages. You copy the first term, summon the Lightbox-based modal overlay, and paste it into the “replace” field. The next logical step is to scroll through the content to find “perspicaciously reckoned”, copy it, and put it into the “with” field. Unfortunately, because the search-and-replace form is in a modal overlay, you first have to dismiss the overlay before interacting with your content, then call it up again when you are done. It’s a slow, unwieldy feedback loop. On top of that, there isn’t a great way to indicate the changes in the text without somehow hiding the overlay.

Let’s take another example, this time from the real-world. At Humanized, we wrote a review of Mint.com’s thoughtful interface. One of the thing’s I liked about Mint’s interface—that I called “stunning”—was the unafraid use of text to create a huge, easily scanned list of possible categories that enabled filing a particular expense quickly. The problem, which I didn’t talk about then, was that they used a Lightbox. It feels heavy and slow at a visceral level. For example, when you are categorizing the expense type of a purchase, Lightbox’s modal nature keeps your from examining surrounding expenses that might help you to contextualize and categorize the purchase in question. Further, because it is a state-forgetting overlay, anything you enter into the create-your-own-category input is lost as soon as you consult another expense. Not good.

Lightboxes are tempting to use as a turn-key solution—we unfortunately use them in Songza—but there are better solutions, which I’ll come to in the next section.

Let’s go closer to home for the next example. Bookmarking. Firefox UX designer Madhava Enros did excellent work on many of the early UI prototypes for Firefox Mobile. In Proposal 8, which experimented with Songza-esque pie menus, you can see a lot of the thinking that directly informed the current design of the location bar. It also used a modal, state-forgetting overlay for bookmarking. This meant that you couldn’t both be bookmarking a page and interacting with the page at the same time—and worse, if you started to delve into your hierarchy of bookmark folders to file the page away, and wanted to refer back to the page before saving the bookmark, you’d have to start all over again.


Now that we’ve explored the problems with modal overlays, it’s time to look at solutions. In particular, on the solution meant to replace modal overlays that might require complex interactions—which means that transparent messages don’t cut it. I’ll talk about two solutions in this post, but I am sure that there are other solutions out there. I’d love to hear ideas in the comments.

The Tray

The first solution is arrived at by simply not having an overlay be modal, with a bit of animation for polish. The overlay appears as a tray anchored to the edge of the content area. The tray must not force interaction, meaning that the tray can be ignored, and the content perused as if the tray didn’t exist. The only down side to not interacting with/dismissing a tray is that it eats up some screen real estate.

In the browsing world, Firefox uses the tray method to defeat the annoying-as-a-blackberry-pip-stuck-in-your-molars dialog box that asked if you wanted to save your password (and worse, it asked before you knew if you had typed it right!).

Because a tray overlay isn’t modal, you can answer the question in your own time. The tray is a great way to make user-dependent decision asynchronous. In fact, almost all user-dependent questions that are in situ with your browsing experience are done via the tray-style prompts. Take, for example, the prospective geolocation prompt. Coincidentally, the conviction of never using a modal overlay/dialog box in Firefox meant changing the W3C geolocation specification. Ironically, if you drag a tray is extended to take up the entire screen it becomes a modal overlay again. Further examples of trays in action can be found in Algorithm Ink’s browsing and editing functions.

As a final example, there is extensive use of tray-style interaction in Adobe Lightroom, generally docked on the left and right side of the screen. It’s a well-placed implementation, allowing quick access to a range of manipulations that don’t get in the way of moving around the image.

The Slide

The second solution isn’t an overlay at all, instead it uses scrolling or sliding. By placing the new area next to the original content it’s easy to understand how to move between the two areas. It’s also easy to extend the metaphor across numerous additions — new features get a new physical location. This is the technique demonstrated in the concept video, where the browser controls are located to the left of the web page content.

Using sliding as an overlay substitute mechanism (when we aren’t using slow-to-use scrollbars) is a fast way of moving between content in a non-modal way that also takes advantage of visual momentum and spatial memory.

Let’s take a look at how the slide mechanism can extend the browsing controls for Fennec. Here’s a schematic view of accessing the add-on manager and preferences:

Notice that once we’ve introduce the slide, we’ve opened up the possibility for a scalable way to expand ad infinitum. It’s a good way of coping with the limited screen size of mobile.

End Game

I’ve only started to think about solutions to the modal overlay problem. The tray and the slide are two passable solutions—I’m sure there are even better solutions waiting to be discovered. Quasimodal overlays, for instance. Let me know if you find/think of any.

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Since authentic estate rates have dropped quite a bit, the possible commissions that real estate brokers and brokers could
generate have also dropped. But the drop in commissions can be extra than offset by the amount of attributes that can be marketed.
And finding excellent authentic estate sales opportunities is 1 of the keys to making this a truth for authentic estate pros.

This is due to the fact there are so many much more houses on the marketplace now than there have been before
the bubble burst.

The rise in the selection of property owners who are underwater
on their mortgages has elevated so substantially that a pretty significant variety of them have made a decision that they are unable to afford to pay for to keep in their homes.
They would instead sell their property and invest in a similar residence for a considerably reduced cost, and choose the loss
so that they can make improvements to their money circulation circumstance by getting a decreased mortgage loan payment just about every month.
And because there is no lack of houses to purchase, these men and women experienced no
problem obtaining a acceptable property for a good

And a further result of the rise in obtainable houses
is that a lot more and additional men and women are becoming initially-time householders.
Considering the fact that prices on households are slipping,
more and extra men and women are capable to afford
to pay for a property for the very same sum they
are currently paying in hire. So the logical decision for these
people is to purchase a property relatively than continuing
to lease.

These factors all lead to one detail – a greater require for true estate brokers to aid the shopping for and advertising of all of these houses.
Hence, even though charges have fallen, the quantity of offered houses, customers, and sellers has raised which much more than can make up for the reduced price ranges
in terms of how a great deal a provided genuine estate agent could make in the latest authentic estate market.
And as we all know, the more clients a authentic estate agent has, the much more attributes they’ll
sell and the additional funds they will make.

The problem comes in when a actual estate agent has already
long gone by their present-day customer checklist. The
greatest way for them to get extra purchasers is to by some means get a lot more actual estate qualified prospects.
Not only do they want more leads, they need significant quality leads if they are likely
to be effective in changing a high selection of them into customers who really adhere to via on obtaining and/or advertising one particular or extra attributes.

So how can you get much more genuine estate leads? There are of study course several distinct strategies.
These include obtaining them from an agency that delivers them, advertising, subscribing to guide generation websites, establishing
and holding recent your individual genuine estate web page that draws

shoppers to it, and most effective of all by finding them by way of your
possess community. There are undoubtedly other approaches of creating authentic estate leads as effectively, but these are the most typical techniques – all of
which have verified to function to a particular degree.

One particular of the easiest strategies to get serious estate potential
customers is by getting them. There are providers whose sole function is to find people today
who want to invest in or promote a property. They then sell this facts to persons who
are prepared to fork out for it. So if you are a real estate agent wanting for authentic estate potential
customers and both do not have the time to locate
your personal, or just don’t want to, then this might
be a superior option for you.

There are two distinct important approaches to do this.
You can purchase the authentic estate qualified prospects from a organization as a established of data that you will
get in the kind of a listing or spreadsheet. Then you will
need to start out sifting through them and employing
the info readily available to qualify and categorize them you.

And immediately after that, it is really time to start generating phone calls to uncover out they are valid prospects
or not.

The other way of purchasing genuine estate leads is by subscribing to
a serious estate direct generator web-site that will send you
significantly smaller lists of prospects on a frequent foundation. This can be great since the information is possible to
be a great deal far more recent than getting a solitary quite massive record of potential customers.
But this also implies that there are fewer to get the job done with so it won’t give you as
a lot independence in terms of picking who to make contact
with initial.

Purchasing genuine estate sales opportunities or subscribing
to a direct era website can also be pricey. This can be a quite
undesirable issue because the whole intent of buying prospects
is to find customers, provide properties, and make commissions, if the leads that you
buy do not switch into commissions. In that situation, not only did you not offer any attributes (or many homes), but you
wasted funds on worthless details, and you wasted time contacting worthless potential customers when you could have been doing the job on obtaining very good true estate qualified prospects

A different way to produce authentic estate qualified
prospects is by marketing. If you are a actual estate agent, broker, or small
business person, marketing your products and services may be
a superior way to create real estate potential customers.
This type of lead generation is terrific since instead than you carrying out the function to discover people who want
to obtain or sell a home, the tables are turned and they occur seeking for you in its place.

In addition to owning people today test to discover you
as an alternative of you hoping to obtain them, there is
one more gain to promotion to produce actual estate sales opportunities.
The people who are making an attempt to find
you are by now undoubtedly fascinated in buying or providing a residence.

This means that you will not have to fear about whether or not they are likely to flip out to be skilled potential customers or not,
since they undoubtedly will be.

A equivalent way to produce real estate prospects by advertising which can be even a lot more effective than simply marketing on a billboard or in the paper
is by setting up your personal serious estate site. Web-sites are remarkably economical to have hosted, and getting a person made
for you does not have to be costly either. And if you study the essentials of web site advancement, you can expect to be capable to sustain it by on your own soon after it is been established up
so that you can always preserve it present-day.

The motives to continue to keep your website recent are not able to be
understated. Very first, you have to continue to
keep it updated with the homes you are striving to sell so that the folks who stop by your
internet site will have one thing to appear at
- and due to the fact this list of qualities will be changing frequently as
your customer list grows and improvements, you’ll want to improve your web
page often to include the new houses and remove the
types that are no for a longer time readily available.

A next reason for keeping your internet site up-to-date on a standard foundation your web site rank will improve
better. Lookup engines use a amount of components to establish how suitable they are to certain key phrases, and wherever to exhibit them
in a list of look for success. And one particular of
the biggest things that moves a web site towards the leading of
the record is it really is web page rank, which is
tremendously influenced by how energetic and how
present the site is. So the a lot more normally you update your
internet site, the increased its web page rank will be,
the larger it’s going to clearly show up in search results
related to genuine estate search phrases, and the much more visitors you can expect to
get to your web-site.

After you get guests to your internet site,
you will be obtaining the exposure you want to
opportunity shoppers for free of charge. They can keep on your web page for as prolonged as they
want to and appear at as number of or as numerous properties as they want
to. And you you should not have to do something
in purchase to enable them. In fact there could be thousands of folks all on your website at
the exact time. That is a thing that you would not probable at any time have the chance to do in particular person. This phenomenon is what is identified as leverage, and leverage is what can convert a compact business into
a fortune 500 business enterprise in limited get when managed correctly.

The finest way to do authentic estate lead generation also takes
place to be a person of the most challenging – at the very least
in the starting. The strategy of getting leads is by developing
a very significant community, and applying it.
This is a person of the ideal methods to get leads since it is a person of the most amazingly helpful
approaches. But sad to say, it really is also a person of the far more challenging
strategies to start off, and usually takes a while
to generate significant results.

The to start with detail you can expect to require to do is to get
started creating your community. And it can be not that you just need to start making it, you want to intentionally concentrate on making your community every
single conclude every single day, no matter the place you are or
who you happen to be talking to. This is for the reason that for most individuals, networking does
not arrive naturally.

Since authentic estate charges have dropped fairly a bit,
the opportunity commissions that actual estate brokers
and brokers could get paid have also dropped. But the fall in commissions can be far more than offset by the quantity of attributes that can be
sold. And obtaining high quality serious estate potential customers is a person of
the keys to earning this a actuality for serious estate experts.
This is because there are so many far more qualities on the marketplace now than there ended up ahead of the bubble burst.

The rise in the selection of homeowners who are underwater on their home loans has increased so significantly that
a pretty big selection of them have determined that they simply cannot afford to continue
to be in their residences. They would instead market their property and acquire a similar house for a substantially decreased price tag, and choose the loss so that they
can strengthen their dollars movement circumstance by owning a
lessen property finance loan payment each and every month.
And considering that there is no lack of houses to buy,
these men and women had no difficulty finding a acceptable
residence for a fantastic value.

And another consequence of the increase in accessible homes is that a lot more and more persons
are getting to be first-time householders. Considering that rates on homes are falling,
additional and more people today are in a position to afford to pay for a dwelling for the exact volume they are at the moment paying in lease.
So the rational choice for these individuals is to invest in a home rather than continuing to rent.

These factors all lead to a single issue – a larger
want for genuine estate brokers to assist the obtaining and offering of all of these attributes.
Hence, even while charges have fallen, the quantity of readily available qualities, customers, and
sellers has elevated which more than would make up for the reduced price ranges in phrases of how
substantially a given real estate agent could make in the present-day serious estate current market.

And as we all know, the extra clients a actual estate agent has, the
far more qualities they will offer and the a lot more
income they are going to make.

The trouble will come in when a real estate agent has presently gone by their latest shopper list.

The most effective way for them to get far more clientele is to somehow receive extra true estate prospects.
Not only do they need much more sales opportunities, they need to have superior good quality qualified prospects if they are heading to be
thriving in converting a large variety of them into consumers who truly adhere to by way of on obtaining
and/or promoting a single or additional attributes.

So how can you get additional serious estate sales opportunities?
There are of system numerous distinct means. These consist of purchasing them from an company that offers them, advertising, subscribing to
guide technology web-sites, establishing
and trying to keep recent your own actual estate site that attracts prospective

consumers to it, and very best of all by finding them by your own community.
There are without doubt other techniques of generating serious estate prospects as nicely, but these are the most common strategies – all of which have established to operate to a specified diploma.

Just one of the simplest strategies to get actual estate potential customers is by acquiring them.
There are companies whose sole intent is to uncover individuals who want to buy or offer a home.
They then promote this details to folks who are keen to fork out for it.
So if you are a real estate agent hunting for serious estate
potential customers and possibly really don’t have the time to discover your personal,
or just really don’t want to, then this could be a very good solution for you.

There are two diverse major ways to do this.
You can invest in the authentic estate prospects from a enterprise as a set of facts that you will get in the variety of a checklist or spreadsheet.
Then you will require to start sifting via them and
applying the knowledge offered to qualify and categorize them
by yourself. And following that, it truly is
time to start building calls to uncover out they are legitimate
qualified prospects or not.

The other way of acquiring authentic estate prospects is by subscribing to a real estate lead generator internet site that will deliver you a lot smaller lists of leads on a regular
basis. This can be great simply because the information and facts is likely to be a great deal extra recent
than obtaining a solitary quite large checklist
of potential customers. But this also usually means that there are
fewer to perform with so it would not give you as a lot freedom in conditions of picking out who to speak to to start with.

Getting genuine estate potential customers or subscribing to a guide generation website can also be expensive.
This can be a very terrible issue given that the entire intent of buying
sales opportunities is to discover purchasers, provide qualities, and make commissions, if the qualified prospects that you
obtain will not turn into commissions. In that situation, not only did you not sell any houses (or several properties), but you
squandered funds on worthless information, and you wasted time contacting worthless qualified prospects when you could have been performing on discovering fantastic real estate sales opportunities rather.

An additional way to deliver real estate qualified prospects is by promoting.
If you are a serious estate agent, broker, or organization person, advertising and
marketing your products and services may possibly be a excellent way to
generate authentic estate qualified prospects. This style of direct era
is excellent since alternatively than you executing the work to discover
individuals who want to obtain or market a property, the tables are turned and they appear on the lookout
for you as an alternative.

In addition to owning men and women test to uncover you as a substitute of you making an attempt to locate them, there is a
further advantage to marketing to produce authentic estate potential customers.
The men and women who are attempting to locate you are already certainly intrigued in buying or selling a assets.
This means that you don’t have to get worried about irrespective of whether they are likely to switch
out to be certified qualified prospects or not, for
the reason that they undoubtedly will be.

A very similar way to crank out real estate leads by marketing which can be
even more helpful than just promotion on a billboard or
in the paper is by environment up your have
genuine estate internet site. Internet sites are
shockingly cheap to have hosted, and acquiring just one produced for you would not have to
be expensive either. And if you learn the basic principles of web page improvement, you can expect to be capable to manage it
by yourself after it’s been established up so that you can constantly preserve it recent.

The reasons to continue to keep your web-site present simply cannot
be understated. Initial, you have to maintain it updated with the
houses you are seeking to market so that the people today
who pay a visit to your website will have a thing to appear at – and given that this listing of qualities will be altering routinely as your customer listing grows and modifications,
you are going to have to have to modify your web site typically to incorporate the new properties and get rid of the types that are no extended out there.

A next rationale for maintaining your web site
updated on a frequent foundation your page rank will increase
larger. Research engines use a number of aspects to
determine how applicable they are to specified key terms, and in which to display them in a list of lookup final results.
And one of the most significant things that moves a site toward the major of the record is it is website page rank, which is tremendously affected
by how active and how current the web page is.
So the additional typically you update your website, the bigger its webpage rank will be, the bigger
it will demonstrate up in lookup outcomes connected to serious estate key phrases, and the much more people
you will get to your internet site.

The moment you get guests to your website, you will be having the publicity you want to probable purchasers for free of charge.

They can stay on your website for as long as they want to and glance at as several or as a lot of homes as they want to.
And you really don’t have to do nearly anything in get to support them.

In reality there could be thousands of men and women all on your web page at the very same time.
That is a thing that you would not very likely at
any time have the chance to do in individual. This phenomenon is what is identified as leverage, and
leverage is what can change a smaller business enterprise into a fortune 500
enterprise in small get when managed the right way.

The ideal way to do authentic estate guide era also occurs to
be just one of the most difficult – at minimum in the starting.
The method of getting potential customers is by building
a incredibly big community, and utilizing it. This is just one of the finest strategies to get potential customers due to the fact it is
one of the most surprisingly powerful approaches.
But unfortunately, it can be also one of the much more hard methods to begin, and
requires a while to yield significant benefits.

The to start with thing you can want to
do is to commence building your network. And it can be not that you
just require to get started building it, you have to have
to deliberately concentration on creating your
network every single conclude each and every day,
no issue wherever you are or who you might be speaking to.
This is because for most people, networking does not appear

If you are like most people today, you are almost certainly fairly shy and you should not make it a place to deliberately meet
and chat to new folks on a typical basis. But if you want to create a
community, you will have to do just that. This is anything that
can arrive as a challenge to say the minimum, the two emotionally and technically, but it is effectively truly
worth the exertion in the prolonged operate.

It can be emotionally challenging for the reason that a big portion of setting
up a huge community is dealing with rejection. And if you want to create
a significant community rapidly, you can have
to offer with a good deal of rejection just about every and
every single day. Way too quite a few people today, becoming turned down is taken personally and
it finishes up wearing them down so that they finally give up just before they
gain the rewards that setting up a huge network provides.
But if you can learn how to not choose rejection individually, you are going
to realize success in which so several others have supplied up and unsuccessful as a

And networking to generate real estate prospects can be accomplished almost everywhere.
When you will need to put some gasoline in your vehicle, park on the
other side of the pump from someone who’s now there and test to strike up a conversation in which
you are going to be capable to explain to them that you might be in the real estate business and can aid them or everyone else they know who might be searching
to get or promote. And if you might be truly major about it, you might want to only
get $ten or some other modest quantity of gasoline at a time so that you can need to go to the fuel station more normally and
have a lot more possibilities to network.

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