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Enso Released: In Memory of Jef Raskin

It all started with one man’s dream for a computer that worked the way people did; a dream for a computer that he could compose music on. That man was Jef Raskin. And the dream became the Macintosh.

Jef never could accept the status quo. When something didn’t make sense to him—whether it was in mathematics, aerodynamics, nursing, or musicology—he pressed until he either understood it, or discovered that it actually didn’t make sense. This is how he was able to formulate the philosophy underlying the orginal Macintosh design: That computers should make tasks easy for people, not the other way around. Jef’s talent was in realizing when something was flawed, challenging it, and inventing something significantly better.

Jef did not dwell in the past; he focused his energy on moving forward. He felt that, while inventing the Macintosh was laudable, there was much work left to be done and many ways to make computers more humane.

After the Macintosh came the Canon Cat, a pinnacle of design that did text editing so well that, if Canon hadn’t canceled the project prematurely, both Emacs and Vi users might have come to a truce under a common editor. Then, after a decade studying cognitive psychology, Jef established a scientific basis for the design of man-machine interfaces, bringing interface design out of the mystic realm of guruism with his book The Humane Interface. Finally came Archy, an open source incarnation of the Canon Cat. Jef died while Archy was still in its infancy.

Enso is the next step (but not the last). It extends his vision to the desktop as it stands now. It helps computers get out of your way so that you can concentrate on what you are actually doing. It brings Windows closer to being a nice place for people to work. Take a look.

On a personal note, I have trouble collecting my thoughts to describe Jef. He was very particular about his name (he dropped the second “f” because it was unnecessary). Most parents have their children call them “Mom” and “Dad”. Not Jef. He wanted us kids to call him, simply, “Jef”. He wanted us to be able to talk, think, and trust each other as equals. So, for as long as I remember, it has always been “Mom and Jef”.

Jef mentored and taught in a gentle, almost deviously subtle way: planting seeds for ideas and aiming you in the right direction so that you made all the important discoveries on your own. In the fifth grade, I remember dashing into his office with a piece of paper dense with scrawled notes clutched in my hand. The paper contained my proof for 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + … equaling 1. It wasn’t until years later that I realized—after reading a note he had written—that he had quietly led me to that discovery with a series of provocative questions and history lessons. That moment of proof—the epiphany of understanding the world a little bit better—stands as one of my most vivid memories. The biography of
Ramanujan he gave me (“The Man Who Knew Infinity”) still sits on my bookshelf.

To this day, I find myself smiling with the realization that the seeds to some discovery I had come to were planted years ago by Jef.

He was a best friend and a co-conspirator. And because he was all of these before he was a father, it made him all-the-better a father.

Enso is dedicated to the memory of Jef.

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Chanjoon Bach

I’m a Korean and live in Korea. But I think myself a student of Mr. Jef Raskin since I read The Humane Interface.

Thank you for the great work, Enso.

Congratulations on the launch! The perfect way to honor your da… er, Jef.

The release looks great … congratulations!

I really, really wish this was available for us Mac users, as I’ve been completely-Mac for a few years now. Enso has so much simplicity and design that I expected to see it as a Mac-only application.

It’s very, very nice to see developers providing the same, simple interfaces that Apple users have enjoyed for years to the Windows camp. Seriously … it’s a new world and it’s great to see guys like Humanized breaking out of the ‘beige box’ mentality and providing sweet, simple designs.


Enso really looks very nice, and I hope it gets the same traction on PC that Quicksilver got on the Mac. The two are surprisingly similar in philosophy, if nothing else.

Actually, I’m already hoping that someone develops a QS interface to make it look (and behave) as non-intrusive as Enso.

As a side note: anyone know how Enso would be written in kanji? 遠祖 comes to my mind, but the meaning doesn’t match the explanation in the video (it means “ancestors”).

I corresponded with Jef a few years ago (on model airplanes) and this looks to be a fantastic product as well as a marvelous tribute to his memory and his vision.

Kamal Verma

I admire great work by Jef, Congratulations ! on the release, I really like the product.


In response to Pazu-san: it’s 円相

Interestingly enough, when we first decided on the name Enso, I checked the Wikipedia article and they accidentally had the kanji for chlorine (塩素). So I fixed it. Wikipedia is awesome like that.


1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + … is not 1, but it’s as close to 1 as possible without being 1.

I’ve always been mesmerized with the ideas of Jef on user interfaces and now I’m quite happy that I tried his ideas implemented in Enso, today. It’s a big achievement I believe. Though I live in Iran and may never can buy the software, the trial period experience would be a great experience for me. I’ve never felt this much close and intimate with my PC before. Thanks Jef. Thanks Aza.

Yesso Tekerian

Congratulations to you and your team on releasing ENSO. Jef was justifiably very proud of you.


Pazu, Shervin, and Yesso. Thank you so much for the support. It is an honor for me to be able to extend Jef’s work with such a great team.

Marcus, take a look at this link for geometric series and this article.


i have to say, that when i first saw the slashdot article about Enso, i thought it just another half-hearted Quicksilver clone for windows, along with a clone of the applespell and/or aspell services for OS X and *NIX systems…

i’ve been a mac user now for soon 3 years, and Quicksilver is like oxygen to my daily computer usage. I’ve tried both AppRocket, and Calibri for windows, which are half-hearted, and almost just plain bad to some extent…

But i must say, that i was more than impressed by Enso, and watching the demo videos made me want a hybrid between Enso and Quicksilver for OS X. I use QS’s triggers, and plugins for some various things, but maybe you’ve got similar features planned for the future, eitherway, if QS and Enso were to have kids (hypothetically), the offspring would most likely be the holy grail of application launchers :)… but thats not to say your product is not exceptional, cause it is, it takes a category of software, which very few have managed to even do a half-decent job with, and made it better than the leader of pack at the main thing it is supposed to do (since QS does a lot of other trivial stuff aside from app launching)…

i was impressed with your universal spell checker aswell.

I haven’t had the time to try either of your products out yet, but i surely will in the next day or two.

You guys have done some great work, and i truly believe Jef would be proud :)

…speaking of which, i believe i might pickup a copy of his book, being a web developer/designer and all, it sounds like a really interesting read :)


Aza, I know that the convention is to regard the sum of the geometric series a+ar+arr+arrr+… to be lim(a*(1-r^x)/(1-r)) where x goes to infinity. However, I disagree that the limit can be equated with the actual value. IMO 1/2+1/4+1/8+… = 1 – 1/2^x where x is an infinitely high number. Now mathematicians say that infinity isn’t a number and a number thus can’t be infinitely high. I agree, but think the same logic should apply to the number of elements in the series. Applying the reasoning to exactly one of the two cases is IMO illogical even though it might be convenient.


I’m sorry for dragging the discussion to the irrelevant topic of philosophy of matematics. I’d like to watch the Enso trailer instead, but I only get an http 404. Does anyone have the video so that I could download it?

Bob Schor

Consider the series 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + …. Call the sum “X”. Now notice:
X = 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + …
2X = 1 + 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + …

Subtract the first series from the second. Note that every term in the first series has a matching term in the second, and every term in the second matches a term in the first, except for the number 1. So we have
2X – X = 1
which simplifies to X = 1.


Bob, nice proof! The proof I did way back then was much more complicated. I converted to base 2: one half in base two is .1; one fourth is .01; one eight is .001. Thus the sequence 1/2+1/4+1/8+… in base 10 equals .11111… in base 2. Let X = .1111…, so 2X = 1.111… Subtract to yield X = 1.

Jim, thank you very much for the kind words. I’m looking forward to releasing the next Enso product.

Marcus, thanks for catching that 404. It is now fixed.


Not quite Bob – you’re implying that X = 1 before you deduce that, thus of course it will equal 1 (make 2X = 2 + 1/2 … and X will equal 2 for example).

Marcus has the right idea, you can keep on getting inf. closer to 1 in half steps, but never really get there (mathematically undefined as far as my knowledge is concerned).


Err, not undefined, but rather zero.


The following question has been asked before, but I haven’t seen any answer. How is one supposed to learn the commands? When there are menus you see what functions are available and every time you invoke a function you see its keyboard shortcut. I can’t see any similarly humane way of exploring an application (or set of functions/actions/whatever) in the enso trailer.


Scott wrote:
> you’re implying that X = 1 before
> you deduce that, thus of course it
> will equal 1 (make 2X = 2 + 1/2 …
> and X will equal 2 for example)

No, he didn’t get the 1 by adding it, he got it by multiplying 1/2 by 2, and he got 1/2 by multiplying 1/4 by 2 etc.
I just happen to disagree that those two series have equally many elements although both have an “infinite” number of elements (even the same order of infinity).
Anyway, I’m so sorry for bringing all this up, let’s just forget it and go back to talking about enso and humane interfaces and stuff, OK? :-)

Love it! I’m excited for the new commands, and the ability to create our own. I can see so much potential here, especially if this kind of thing can be used with moving your hand off the mouse, as well.

Braydon Fuller

edit: with = without

You just made me very, very happy. Finally getting to use Enso makes all the difference– I’m in love!

So, why dont’cha Digg it?


Marcus asked:
“How is one supposed to learn the commands?”

Try the “Command List” command.

(Perhaps we should make a point of making this feature more visible.)

Whilst I know have a longer journey with Enso than a single day, I thought I would document my thoughts on Enso thus far.

I’d love to know how others experiences have been. I am hoping that once the newness wears off it still proves to be habit-forming improvement to using my PC.

I noticed you mentioned that the ESC key doesn’t exit out of the ENSO mode because the interface is quasimodal, in the FAQ. But, if I’m holding down the CAPS-LOCK key and I have typed a command and then change my mind and don’t want to issue the command; I would need to push delete repeatedly to clear the command. A design solution that would allow for the same quasimodal interface, would be to have the ESC key act as a delete all; it would delete your typed command, and you would stay in ENSO quisimode, and you could then either type a new command, or release the capslock key and nothing would happen.

I’ve been exploring QuickSilver, and a quisomodal interface, as in Enso, for this kind of thing is so much better! Mainly because it reduces the amount of keys pressed, but also because it reduces errors, like you guys have said.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to more commands. I think i’m gonna pick up a Python book and learn a bit.

@ Jono

I agree it would be helpful if the command list was made more visible.

I think it would be great if you could explore the command list while still in the Enso quisimode, rather than leaving and going to the humanized website. The command list could be the first thing that would appear when you press CAPSLOCK, along with the intro line. And the list it could be clustered into groups, as it would be impossible to view all the commands at once on the screen, it would be too long. You could navigate the list using your mouse, and click on a command to type it. And you could either view the command list by alpha, or by tag/category, or maybe even by popularity of usage. I would be love to create a visual mockup/ prototype, as a graphic designer.

This is a great application. Fantastic work, guys.


When did you post this? Date, you know.. I tried hard, and couldn’t.. Perhaps, the information is confidential and was meant to be hidden…

Interestingly enough, when we first decided on the name Enso, I checked the Wikipedia article and they accidentally had the kanji for chlorine (塩素). So I fixed it. Wikipedia is awesome like that.

I really, really wish this was available for us Mac users, as I’ve been completely-Mac for a few years now. Enso has so much simplicity and design that I expected to see it as a Mac-only application.


I’m a Korean and live in Korea. But I think myself a student of Mr. Jef Raskin since I read The Humane Interface.

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I rmbemeer having deep discussions and coming to conclusions about modal dialogs in … 1994. This is still cutting edge?

The release looks great. excellent work… congratulations!

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from you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own, personal blog now ;)

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