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Firefox 2.0: Tabs Gone Wrong

Firefox introduced tabbed-browsing to the masses. And it was good. It took Microsoft years to catch-up.

Why are tabs good? Frankly, because the standard windowing model is bad. It’s much easier to scan through a horizontal list of tab names then it is to wade through alt-tab’s textless, iconic grid. One of the benefits of tabs is that they are always linearly arranged in a fixed order. To find your tab, you simply have to run your eyes from left to right; once you get to the end, you’re done. With windows, however, your eyes have to rove around the screen looking for the one you want and you might never find it because windows can hide behind other windows. And unlike tabs, unless you’re very careful, windows will not stay in a consistent place because they are constantly being shuffled to accommodate limited screen real-estate. The net result is that finding a particular window is like playing whack-a-mole blind-folded, whilst finding a particular tab is like fishing for fish in a barrel with dynamite.

In short, tabs are better than windows because they don’t conceal as much information.*

In Firefox 2.0 a “feature” was introduced that dealt with the edge-case where there were many tabs in a new way. It takes a giant step backward by actively concealing information.

Previously, as the number of tabs grew, each one’s size would shrink. Eventually, there would be so many tabs that you couldn’t even read their titles. But, while this clearly wasn’t ideal and led to a certain amount of hunting for tabs, you at least always knew roughly where it was: “an inch or so from the right side of the window”. Now, however, the tabs remain mostly readable but can scroll off-screen.

Firefox 2.0 style tabs
To access off-screen tabs you need to click on the little arrows on the left or right of the tab bar. For allowing a only a subset of the tabs to be readable at a time, a lot has been sacrificed:

  1. Scanning your eyes across the tab-bar no longer guarantees you’ll see all of the tabs — this has tripped me up a number of times: I’ve ended up with 3 or 4 identical because I didn’t realize that I already had the tab open;
  2. You can no longer associate a tab-bar location with a certain tab because they shift around every time you scroll — the interface doesn’t feel stable anymore;
  3. Scrolling through tabs is quite slow — I find that it is often the case that opening a new tab is faster then finding the old one.

As is often the case, the “feature” made things worse. Firefox 2.0 tabs are slower and harder to use than Firefox 1.0 tabs. Adding new mechanisms to an interface should always be approached carefully, otherwise they’ll end up cluttering the interface and detracting from the design. To quote Khoi Vinh of the NY Times, “let tabs be tabs.”

I want my simple tabs back. They weren’t perfect, but at least they didn’t make me play guess-where-I-am.


Although you can’t make the new-style tabs go away, you can make them work like the old-style tabs for more of the time. To do so:

  1. Open a new firefox tab.
  2. Type “about:config” into the address bar
  3. Type “tab” into the filter field.
  4. Change the settings of both “browsers.tab.tabClipWidth” and “browsers.tab.tabMinWidth” to 5
  5. Restart Firefox.

* It is because windows are so bad about obscuring information that getting a large screen will increase your productivity by 5-10%. Think about it, 5-10% of the time you spend on your computer is wasted because you’re fiddling with windows.** And when information is visually hidden, and not immediately accessible, the cognitive burden of remembering what it is and how to get to it is significantly increased.** It would be interesting to see the effect of large screens on productivity when restricted to using tabs. My guess is that when using only tabs, a large screen would still increase productivity but not as much as in the case with windows.

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Michael Chui

Three things:

1) Someone has built a FF2 extension that brings the simple tabs back. People should explore extensions and use the ones they like; it’s been shown that Firefox can handle loads of extensions with not much of a performance hit (see: Superbrowser).

2) “an inch or so from the right of the window” would require just as much time wasted as scrolling through them. I use “Ctrl+1″ to scroll to the left side and “Ctrl+1, Shift+Tab” to scroll to the right, and generally don’t have so many tabs open that this doesn’t cover all of them.

3) If you click the button on the far right, you get a dropdown listing of ALL your tabs. Yes, it’s an extra movement and click, but then not only is everything legible, but also viewable.


I’m sooooo tired of people claiming that firefox invented the tabs — they did *not*

Give credit were credit is due or not at all !!

    Permit me to simply just engage in devil’s encourage for your small below: Precisely why do you want something like 20 dividers wide open in any way? Definitely you are certainly not working with them just about all at the same time. Perhaps the actual option would be to pay attention to (approximately) something each time, as well as near the actual dividers you are completed with for the moment (you may save them). Mindset possess demonstrated that individuals tend to be much less effective whenever their own interest is actually fragmented and they help keep obtaining disrupted.

I would prefer the config to the plugin. Whilst it’s not much, if I used a plugin for every config tweak I have Firefox would be checking to update 20 more plugins when I startup (unless they can specify that they will never update), and my plugin browser would be quite busy.

I personally don’t mind the feature. I don’t often have enough tabs open to need it, and it allows me to see what I’m doing better (I’m not switching back and forth enough to learn that the one I want is an inch from the right). I have, however, made the minimum width slightly smaller as the default is ridiculously large.

I think a better solution may have been to expand onto multiple lines of tabs. But that comes with it’s own problems.

And noone said they invented them. They said they introduced them to the masses. Which it did.

Braydon Fuller

Nice hack. I found that annoying too.

A Zooming User Interface with all browser windows laid out, and organized into sets, would be better. You could have 100 ‘tabs’ open. This would likely change the way that we design websites, considering that there would now be seeing them from a distance. Ahhhh, but we are stuck with tabs. :(


@pomJ: “Firefox introduced tabbed-browsing to the masses.”

This is about as correct as it can get. I don’t see “invention” anywhere.

“Think about it, 5-10% of the time you spend on your computer is wasted because your fiddling with windows.”

Hell yeah! That’s why I went to the Mac.

Oh, wait…

Still, that makes a good out-of-context quote :-)


try to use mouse scroll wheel to access this off-screen tabs, instead of the little arrows – I’ve found it much faster

    Please let me basically carry out devil’s negotiate for that min at this point: So why are you wanting 30 an eye available by any means? Absolutely you happen to be not necessarily using them all of all together. Probably the genuine remedy to find out another thing at the same time, along with shut typically the an eye you happen to be finished with for now. Therapy kids displayed that men and women are much a lesser amount of useful any time their very own consideration is usually fragmented and/or they help keep receiving disturbed.


Kuba, I frankly find that the mouse scroll trips me up much more than it helps: 9 times out of 10 when I scroll the tabs, I was actually expecting to scroll the page instead. That’s a good example of a modal inteface where the behavior depends on the position of your cursor. I for one don’t like it.

And it’s even worse if you use a touchpad.


Oh, and Aza, if you use one of the tab-enhancement plugins like Tabbrowser Preferences, you can change the min-width option etc. right in the Options dialog.

Andrew Clarke

When I have to deal with a lot of tabs, I break them up into separate Firefox windows. Say I’m multi-tasking and I have 5 tabs open on one topic, and 5 tabs open on a completely different topic. Dividing those tabs between two windows makes them very easy to manage. Until I switch topics (and, thus, windows) I don’t need to give those other tabs any thought at all. Concealment becomes a boon to concentration. This is where windows are still very useful.

Dreamweaver has something similar to the scrolling tabs when you have a lot of files open, and it’s just as painful.

Gee, if you switch to Opera you can have multiple rows of tabs (as I type this, 11½ rows of them).

Trying to fix Firefox tab usage is like trying to fix IE6. Give it up.


This has mystified me for some time and your article hasn’t helped much clearing it up: How is a row of tabs so spectacularly different from a row of task bar buttons?

Tab Mix Plus (FF extension) does a great job of letting you fix this issue. It’s incredibly easy to configure tabs as well, so that they behave in exactly the way you need them to.

Zephyr, you’re right. If anything, tabs are worse, because they can only be used to organize web pages. The taskbar, on the other hand, is a more general way to organize the different tasks that are active at any given time.


Dave – Thanks! I actually had Tab Mix Pro installed and didn’t realize that I could set tabs back to the multi-row behavior. I may have to spend a little time going over all the options, again.

I’m not sure about the config options in FF, but in Opera, you get your tabs that shrink down to the favicon level. And then the favicons shrink down in size as you continue to add tabs- all staying on the same line (as opposed to the earlier Opera comment from Joe Clark) I greatly prefer this method to all others.


Let me just play devil’s advocate for a minute here: Why do you need 20 tabs open at all? Surely you’re not using them all simultaneously. Maybe the real solution is to concentrate on (approximately) one thing at a time, and close the tabs you’re done with for the time being (you can bookmark them). Psychology studies have shown that people are much less efficient when their attention is fragmented and/or they keep getting interrupted.

Can anybody really claim that they need 20 tabs open at once?


We are only focusing on one tab.

Bookmark them? Why? I’m going to read them once only. Opening them in tabs is really no different then bookmarking them, just that I’m “bookmarking” them on my tab bar for a short time.

Bookmarks are like my library of links that I want to keep around- I have them shelved and stored away and I refer to them often or just really like them.

The tab bar is like my coffee table where my books, news, mail and other tidbits are placed for a short time. …Some might get saved (“shelved”) in my bookmarks, but most of it is subsquently discarded.

I have twenty tabs open all the time. If I visit an aggregator or sites like fark.com with lots of links on it, I will load the interesting ones up in the background while skim around the main page for interesting articles and links…. Each time I open a tab, that’s like throwing something on the coffee table to glance at later.

*cleanup happens *much* quicker (like every time I sit down at my computer) on my tab bar than on my coffee table…and coffee table is really an abstraction of my deskt and coffee table and nightstand, but you get the picture :)

Andreas H.

=- I’m not sure about the config options in FF, but in Opera, you get your tabs that shrink down to the favicon level. And then the favicons shrink down in size as you continue to add tabs- all staying on the same line (as opposed to the earlier Opera comment from Joe Clark) I greatly prefer this method to all others. -=

Depends on toolbar setup (rightclick, customize). I prefer to wrap to multiple lines.

In addition to that, you see a complete list with rightbuttondown+scrollwheel.

=- Can anybody really claim that they need 20 tabs open at once? -=

It happens that I have 70 tabs open, reflecting about 10 different activities or areas of interest. However, even the linewrap solution doesn’t really solve the problem.

What is necessary is some kind of grouping or tree structure (not the usual tree view with +/- known from filesystem managers). All tabs need to be accessible via one single click, while the pages of the active group (or all pages that are somehow related) should reveal their full titles. The grouping must be automatic, otherwise it’s useless. Hope they get this done some day …

Andrew Clarke

I think I’m with Gregory on this. Clutter is clutter. If you allow it into your workspace, life gets harder. At the extreme, it seems like a browsing strategy problem more than a technology problem to me.

I’d personally prefer to give my screen space to my current focus than to a giant always-visible block of links to what I’m not focusing on.

Jonathan Feinberg

Excellent post. Well-reasoned and demonstrably true. Thanks.


1 more vote that the tab scrolling in FF2 is annoying.

the late lamented tabbrowser extensions got that right – a vertical tab bar with “child” tabs (tabs opened from another tab) grouped in a tree structure. i’m still using ff1.5 because upgrading would lose me this feature.


Jan wrote:
@pomJ: “Firefox introduced tabbed-browsing to the masses.”
This is about as correct as it can get. I don’t see “invention” anywhere.


Well, If you argue that way, with the amount of users, than Microsoft introduced with IE7 tabbed-browsing to the “masses”.


I have had 20+ tabs open at a time. I’m a university student and sometimes the most effective way of performing research is a search + open everything methodology. Essentially, there are a few google search tabs, a couple wikipedia tabs, and from there its easier to quickly open all the relevant direct websites that are being linked. And once everything is open, then you go and read through the sites.

Sometimes I have multiple windows with multiple tabs to break things down thematically. Yes, once I go through them I close the ones that aren’t relevant or useful, but that may still cut it down to a point where there are still off-screen tabs.

I do find the Firefox 2.0 method of handling tabs quite annoying. I prefer how Opera handles it: by just creating another row. You lose the real estate for the website but its generally worth it.

Another problem is when a website that has the same tab-heading for all its sub-pages, you lose context of what the tab actually contains!

I totally agree with you!!
I always have lots of tabs and is terrible to use the arrows. I use FaviconizeTab extension, but it dont resolve all the problem.


I have what I feel is the ultimate extension setup:

Aging Tabs
Tabs Mix Plus

I highly recommmend this setup.


“Firefox introduced tabbed-browsing to the masses”

It was OPERA, not Firefox, who introduced tabs in the web browsers.


I have to agree. I’m still using Firefox 1.5 because I use lots of tabs and I find the new tabs in 2.x completely annoying. They really need to give us a simple “use classic tags” option I think. Otherwise looks like I’ll have to revert to Opera again (which I last replaced when Firefox first arrived).


I absolutely agree with your post.

I miss the X on the right to close the current tab as well.

The new tabs are interesting but give me a config to switch back to the old way.


>>”Firefox introduced tabbed-browsing to the masses”

>>It was OPERA, not Firefox, who introduced tabs in the web browsers.

Opera has had a very decent implementation of tabbed browsing since version 6 (year 2001), long before firefox was even born.


I think eveyone that wasn’t aware of the fact that Firefox didn’t create tabbed browsing has got the message.


BTW: I agree with Aza that the Fx 2.0 tab feature has been a step back. Nice blog entry and thank you for the hack. Very much appreciated.


I have to go with the tabs getting a downgrade in 2.0. It’s not so much that the new scrolling or resizing is annoying so much, as the entire program is more sluggish than 1.5 was. Webpages take about 3 times as long to load up, and switching tabs usually incurs a couple seconds of lag time…getting used to it…but may soon go back to 1.5.

Please respect this public space

Check out OmniWeb’s tab system, it uses a tab dock with thumbnails by default. It is very cool.

Initially, I didn’t like the Firefox 2.0 tab feature. But got used to it sooner that later. The tab feature in the initial version was much better. Totally agree with you.

Matt, you can make the close buttons less annoying by changing the browser.tabs.closeButtons setting to 0.

Couldn’t agree lesser. The tab feature in previous versions of Firefox is much better than the one in Firefox 2.0

Andrew Stewart

Tyler wrote:
Well, If you argue that way, with the amount of users, than Microsoft introduced with IE7 tabbed-browsing to the “masses”.

@Tyler: How do you figure that? Firefox has a larger userbase then IE7.

Laszlo Oslo

Thank you so much for writing about this and informing me of the about:config fix. I too considered this a huge step backwards for FF 2.0. I was surprised that Mozilla, which had chosen so many of the perfect default settings and browser behaviors, would go and ruin tabs and not even include a place in ‘Options’ to switch it back to the old behavior.

Here’s hoping by 3.0 they do something to make their default tab settings more usable.


With widescreen monitors becoming the norm, I think having vertical tabs on the side should be the norm.
Perhaps it could be handled like the bookmarks and history sidebar, so you could make it disappear if you needed the extra screenspace, although most websites do not need it.


I’ve got a fix… don’t open a million tabs! It just slows down your memory anyway.


“Why do you need 20 tabs open at all?”

As a programmer, I often have several tabs open at once because I’m using multiple references at once… I might have my app’s API, a language reference, several third-party APIs, plus tabs with references for math, algorithms, and other stuff. Even just reading the news, I might have Google, the original article, and search results looking at article references open… plus my own start page that has my RSS feeds listed in the first tab so I can go back quickly and read more news.

For me the most annoying thing about FF2′s tab behaviour is where new, middle-clicked tabs will open.
With previous versions anything diverted into a new tab would open as the last tab, making it easy to see where your new content was and enabling you to have a sort of browsing ‘timeline’ – if you were looking for something you opened a while back look to the left; for more recent stuff look to the right.
In FF2 middle-clicked or diverted tabs open next to the current tab regardless of where that tab is in the tab bar. After a while, particularly when researching finding things becomes a nightmare.
I want my new tabs back at the end of the list, where they belong!


For fixing FF2 tabs, tab mix plus works wonders.

Long term, I’d love a FF2 vertical tab sidebar that works — a plain old tree should work nicely. This would also solve the where-did-my-new-tab-go problem.

Opera had/has this, of course — always early with the innovation, is Opera!

I like the idea of browser trees. :)

@ deborah

Good scenario example.

I would agree that for anything but the odd edge cases if you have enough tabs open to necessitate scrolling you should probably think about splitting different topics into different windows (again, there are edge cases). A little tip, you can drag tabs into other Firefox windows. However, it doesn’t close the tab in the other browser window or remember any information, such as where you were, but it certainly helps.

And as to why tabs are useful when there is the taskbar – it’s exactly the same situation as described above. If you have dozens of websites open, each with their own browser window, then the taskbar gets very cluttered. Even worse, it’s not not just websites that are difficult to locate, but every program.

By using tabs you move the cluster of windows from the taskbar to the browser. Now you have all of the tabs available when you are browsing, but they don’t clutter up when you are using another program.

There are other advantages too, like the fact you can manage the one browser window (moving, resizing, minimising) and it will affect all of the websites, not having to manage each window.

I do, however, think Firefox is lacking in the management of tabs. It should be possible to drag them around, like I mentioned earlier, between browser windows and have the scroll position, and even entered fields remembered. This would also mean you can break out individual tabs into their own windows if you choose.


Disadvantages of tabs to windows include that:
1. Users have to manipulate task context in two or more places on the screen
2. Resizing the window resizes all web pages attached as tabs
3. Content is organized by program rather than by task. It would be better to organize all windows into tasks, as in workspaces.

Ideally, there should be a partially-ordered-set view of windows, showing the windows ever opened from each window through the history. This includes web browsing history as well as spreadsheet windows, etc.


IMO Tabs make browsing forums manageable since I usually scroll through teh threads and middle click the good lookin ones.

+1 on the standard windowing model being bad.

It has it’s place in dialog boxes, but should disappear from just about anywhere else.


“the wise show the sun, the dumb look at the finger”

My tabs are lagging and i have a good computer, i also have a bad computer running xp with 128ram and on dial up but its better then my good computer with wireless. On my good computer im running 2000 with 512ram and pentium 3 its not that bad but firefox is so slow when it comes to switching tabs when loading pages, do you know why?
My guess:

1. i’m using the newest version which is not too compadible with 2000
2. not firewall
3. not a virus
this is because i run one the most secure systems and i have good virus protection plus ive scanned with ad block, avg and have done a c cleaner
does anyone know? if so email me at mazzone_496@hotmail.com


I’m using TBE for a tree view of my tabs but i’m stuck to firefox 1.5
iRider does it for explorer but didn’t try it yet, don’t want to switch and loose all my other extensions also

Change the settings of both “browsers.tab.tabClipWidth” and “browsers.tab.tabMinWidth” to 5

U got an extra “s” there! :) It should read:
Change the settings of both “browser.tab.tabClipWidth” and “browser.tab.tabMinWidth” to 5


Oh man, I’m so with you on this one.


I too find the latest update to the tabs in Firefox a big step backwards.

I often open dozens of tabs at a time (e.g when clicking to add torrents, browsing porn, or just seaching through Google for the page that may contain the information I need. In the past the tabs got smaller as the number of them grew, but you could still see them all, now it is very difficult to tell if there are tabs off to the left of right of the screen, and getting to one off the screen is tedious and slow.

Scrolling sideways ro try to find a tab that you may not even realise is there because it’s now hidden ios awful compared with the interface I was using just a few days ago (cry).

Also closing tabs is now far more time consuming. In stead of having 1 X button on the far right which I can quickly click multiple time until I get rid of the last few tabs, I need to hover over every tab and individually click them. Now Yes I could close them all at once, but most of the time I want to just close the last few, the interface is now far less user friendly.

Can we go back to the older version?



Tabs are just like taskbar buttons, except in a different space. The generic taskbar is just one big flat space where all applications get dumped. Right now, I have 11 application windows open, and 17 browser windows. Without tabs, the browser windows would be intermingled with all the other application windows in one huge mess.

Often, I have 2 or 3 browser windows open with 5-10 tabs in each browser, which is far more organized than having 30 browser windows clogging up the taskbar.

Auto grouping taskbar buttons helps a little, but causes other problems (similar to the issue with the new firefox tabs) and is not configurable.

Anyway, thanks for this post, I also disliked the new firefox buttons and am happy to see I’m not the only one.

My solution for the multiple tabs problem is a firefox extension that disables scrolling and introduces a real-time zooming, the tab that is pointed with the mouse becomes larger.
FishEyeTabs extension.

The url of the extension seems to have been lost. It is lkozma.net/fisheyetabs


I had one idea (maybe not perfect, but there is no perfect way to represent 50 tabs in a 1024 pixels width screen):
The tabs are resized as they were before *except* the tab under the mouse, which is bigger (with the limit they have now). This way I can have a lot of tabs allways in the same position and know what they are without having to change it. There was an extension to colorize your tabs. With both ideas, I wouldn’t have any problem.
What do you think?

Good post. Here’s a mozilla knowledgebase article talking about this:

The smallest you can make a tab is 38 pixels.


The kb article does say there’s a minimum of 38 pixels, but that’s incorrect. (Try it.)
Also, you may want to leave the tabClipWidth (http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.tabs.tabClipWidth) alone because it controls the size below which Firefox will remove the close boxes from background tabs.

I tend to have lots and lots of tabs open. Right now I have “only” 18. I generally navigate by the favicons, which is easy in Opera or with these about:config changes in Firefox. I use Opera’s session features heavily, so my tabs act like that books on a coffee table analogy mentioned earlier. I may leave a tab open for days at a time for reference or as a reminder.

In Opera, there’s little performance hit to using lots of tabs on my system because it just moves the tabs I haven’t used recently to virtual memory. Startup times are a bit slower, but that’s not major.

Some easy method of grouping tabs together within a window would indeed be very useful…


I agree with Laszlo… FishEye Tabs is the way to go. (That is, if you don’t have multiple monitors to stretch the browser across…)

I used to use Faviconize tabs, but I have found that Fisheye Tabs and Colorful Tabs combined make an excellent team! (I’d actually like to see something like this in an OS task manager. You’d think we’ve spent enough time tooling about with operating systems that someone would have thought of it by now.)

If you want firefox even more like Opera however, there’s the “Stop or Reload Button” extension, and there’s even an “Opera View” plugin for when you just give up trying with firefox and need to switch to opera for something. Alternatively, there are also IE Tab and IE View extensions.


Err, no, I mean a task manager for Desktop PCs that are not created by Apple Computers. You know, the “inexpensive build-it-yourself” PCs.


what i find annoying is operas way of closing tabs. when you close a tab you go back to the original tab, instead of the next one. meaning if you spawn a buncha tabs from a google search so you can pick through them, you spend a lot of time clicking tabs because opera stupidly goes back to the original tab instead of the next spawn result. inefficient.


Try this extension. Opens new tabs next to current one. Does exactly that and only that:



Dave Aldridge

Tried Firefox 2, found real problems. If I passed my pointer over a tab once it became disable and wouldnot drop down, yet the little arrow oon each tab would change as i passed over it.

Could not open ” File” after passing my pointerover it once.

FIX: Went back to Firefox 5.X, great browse I have used for years.


How about an about:config option that would tell FF to open a new window anytime the tabs would overflow off screen?

Add to this some simple ways to move tabs between windows and one could get a workflow going where one has categories of tabs in separate windows.

Also, one could have rules to automatically allocate tabs across windows when an ‘overflow’ occurs. For instance, upon an overflow condition, a group of tabs opened the day before could be moved to a new, backgrounded, window, while the newly opened tab would open in the current window in the freed up space. Or one could create rules based on domains, or keywords, that would inform the process of automagically assigning tabs to windows when multiple windows became necessary.


is that how you spell yahoo?
I like child windows in applications. Is there a performance gain to using tabs instead of “new windows” in firefox? I would like to be able to have child “windows” in the form of tabs. This way I could choose to display more than one tab at once(as often there is empty space/unimportant whereas in positioning multiple windows in browsing my computer files I can arrange the windows adjacently, thus utilizing more screen space.)
It is a bit of a help to have “tabs” which are similar to the task bar, just incorporated into an application…but without the flexibility to display MORE than one content “window”(or tab) at once, it is bothersome(a little less efficient than desired) to compare and sift through multitudes(or even two^^) tabs at once(or because of this predicament, at one sitting).

1) Someone has built a FF2 extension that brings the simple tabs back. People should explore extensions and use the ones they like; it’s been shown that Firefox can handle loads of extensions with not much of a performance hit (see: Superbrowser).

I personally don’t mind the feature. I don’t often have enough tabs open to need it, and it allows me to see what I’m doing better (I’m not switching back and forth enough to learn that the one I want is an inch from the right). I have, however, made the minimum width slightly smaller as the default is ridiculously large.


“an inch or so from the right of the window” would require just as much time wasted as scrolling through them. I use “Ctrl+1″ to scroll to the left side and “Ctrl+1, Shift+Tab” to scroll to the right, and generally don’t have so many tabs open that this doesn’t cover all of them.

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Change the settings of both “browsers.tab.tabClipWidth”


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i don’t use firefox.. i love chrome its the best explorer i think. fast and useful..


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