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Help! Fewer choices means fewer worries

People love having choices, because having choices means having freedom. That’s not necessarily a good thing when it comes to usability. When someone wants to do something on their computer, they want to spend their time doing it, not deciding how to do it. For instance, Microsoft Windows provides you with at least four different ways to launch applications and services on your computer: desktop icons, a quick-launch bar, type-to-open, and a Start Menu. Each one of these mechanisms is useful in one or two situations but horrible in others, and each has completely different instructions for operation. Microsoft even gives you a wealth of choices to configure them the way you want, which makes the situation that much more complex.

The less burdened a user’s mind is with irrelevant decisions, the more clear their mind is to accomplish what they need to get done.

I’m looking for examples of this principle in action on the web. What are your favorite examples of where the designers couldn’t make up their mind, and littered an interface with choices that simply get in the way. Where have you seen similar problems tackled in more elegantly

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Almost every blog I have ever seen is a good example. Most blogs have the latest content, the ability to search the content, the archives of the content, a tag cloud of the content, and a “best of” section for content. This is all based on making sure to show the user content the writer wants them to see instead of making it easy for them to find what they want.

Jason Santa Maria does a pretty good job of solving this problem. He lists individual articles and then has a separate page where you can look back through the old content and find what you are looking for.

In the not-so-distant car designs engineers were giving users freedom to choose the gear – thus giving choices of fuel expense, power, speed and some other variables drivers were concerned about when shifting their way through the traffic.

It’s already much simpler with automatic transmission. Users did not want the choices and were ready to pay higher (initially) purchase costs and less efficient fuel usage. They voted for the automatic transmission.

Or were you talking only about software interfaces?

@Zack: That’s a nice example. Thanks! Information Architecture is always hard — sometimes its okay to represent data in two different ways if it’s answer two different questions. Other times, however, it is just that we are just being indecisive.

@Vlad: That’s another good example, although I’m looking for specifically for web-based examples. Have any thoughts there?

If you are looking for a web application example of too many options take a look at VersionOne. If you want to edit a task from the sprint task board you can select the appropriate story from the story column and edit it there, click on the task to pop up a large edit window, click on the pencil next to the task to pop up a smaller window, or click any of the tabs and buttons on the top of the screen to get to the task in a completely different way.

In the spirit of open dialog (a.k.a I don’t mean to be argumentative):

I actually have a different feeling on the subject. Many users muddle and guess what to do in any circumstance. They go on instinct and previous experience. Many applications have 1 and only 1 way to do a task. (Like gmail adding a message to a label). I find that annoying and also, I find task completion lowers substantially in these cases. I call it bending your users. (like spoon bending)

This is one topic I have enjoyed tangible success. My favorite comment was “I just guessed what to do and it read my mind and did the right thing.”

I would be really interested in your thoughts. Specifically, I wrote it up here: http://www.commadot.com/book/The%20UX%20Handbook/The%20UX%20Book%20-%20Chapter%201.pdf

It’s a quick read, but I would be honored by your feedback. I am a big fan.


I would say search engines are another example. A lot of academic search engines will have separate fields for “title”, “author”, “source”, “year” and so forth. In principle, being able to search by specific criteria should make it faster to find what you want. But in reality it makes it take longer to figure out what fields to use. By comparison, Google Scholar just gives you a single search field, and yet is still able to find the correct articles.

So by removing options of how to search, Google Scholar makes it faster to actually complete a search and find content.

Although too many choices can bog down a system, not enough choices can make it useless. If a program doesn’t also have the ability to be flexible, it might be useless.
Notepad is great and simple, but if I wanted to publish a document, or create a handout, it doesn’t work too well.

I’m not sure where or how to find the balance between choice and ease-of-use, but it’s an important balance.

I didn’t know how else to report this (sorry), but FF is throwing a JS error on this page.

document.getElementById(“digg”) is null

(Line 95 in your source has the digg div, but it’s commented out. Just changing to display:none will eliminate the error or remove the line in the socialHistory plugin.)

–remove comment after reading– :)

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Outlook 2003′s ‘advanced find’ dialog (aka search) has 3 different text fields and 4 combo boxes. Just give me one text field and figure it out please!

    I do like the manner in which you have presented this particular problem plus it does indeed offer us some fodder for consideration. However, because of what I have witnessed, I just trust when other commentary stack on that folks stay on point and don’t start upon a soap box associated with some other news of the day. All the same, thank you for this superb point and though I do not really agree with it in totality, I regard your standpoint.


You don’t have to look to far for this … in Firefox:
* the history menu duplicates the back / forwards button, not to mention parts of the history sidebar
* the bookmarks menu overlaps the bookmarks toolbar and parts of the bookmarks sidebar (plus services like delicious).
* the “Get Add-ons” dialog box offers different recommendations with a different visual interface to the add-ons website.

Curtis Bartley

I think it’s worth making the distinction between giving the user options vs. forcing the user to choose. In many cases where it makes sense (by some measure) to present options to the user, there is also a pretty obvious candidate for a default. If you make that obvious candidate the default (and the UI makes it clear that it’s the default) you greatly reduce the cognitive load on the user, while still presenting the user with options.

The strongest example I can think of that I see commonly is wizard style installers with install options presented as radio buttons. The default option is pre-selected and the label has a “(recommended)” appended to it. Normally all a user has to do is hit the “Next” button.


Consider the horizontal navigation bar of washingtonpost.com (WP) versus nytimes.com (NYT). On both pages, this navigation bar is one of the first things users see.

NYT presents five mutually exclusive options, which seem to me to be well-researched selections that will drive the user to his intended destination quickest.

In contrast, WP’s horizontal bar is a list of non-mutually exclusive categories. This is potentially confusing. What if you want to read about politics in Maryland? Should you mouse over Politics and click MD, or mouse over Local and click MD? Moreover, hovering over each option produces a drop down menu chock full of additional choices. This gives the impression that you have to click one of the drop-down options to get anywhere (you don’t, you can click the category, but this isn’t obvious). WP presents too much choice.

Of course, the content of WP and NYT’s horizontal navigation bars differs. WP’s bar provides a choice of content type (e.g. sports versus opinions), while NYT’s bar provides a choice of what looks to be the five most popular destinations. However, note that NYT’s content selections (the vertical bar to the left of the main content) provides fewer choices and less burden.

I guess what I’m saying is, drop-down menus are a bad solution for navigation.

Afraid of stating the typical example, the guys from 37signals are a case of this concept taken to extreme; so their apps are probably interesting examples of giving users the fewer options possible. The “less options” approach is discussed quite lengthy in their Getting Real book.

Now, an example of a bad design that probably burdens thousands of users daily: Wikipedia Search.
When you go to Wikipedia main page searching for something, you see a text box with two buttons: “Go” and “Search”. What’s the difference? You can’t tell without first trying. Turns out that Go goes to the direct match (as if you had typed the en.wiki…/wiki/Foo by yourself), which probably serves no one.
The main problem here is that they gave the users two ways to do slightly different things, and most of the users will hardly know what is the one that they’re looking for. The obvious solution here is that the Go button could go way and the exact match would be easily covered by the Search feature.

Now, it’s important to note that there are two different types of problems on this more/less choices problem. There are the cases when the application gives you two different ways to do one kind of thing (as the Wikipedia example), and there the cases where presentational or even functional options are given to the users when a default should have been picked and enforced instead.
Both of these are cases when the programmer or design couldn’t make up his mind and decided to put the burden of the choice on the user.

One example of the second case are options like choosing the color or position of a button, or the way a notification will be displayed to the user, the sound that a message will produce, or the entrance page and the displayed itens that will be featured on a web-app when the user logs in.


I think we need to recognise some different kinds of choices. Some kinds are good and people love them, some are bad.

A possible classification could be: if the choice is made in the process of doing work, or in advance. In your example, a user can launch an application in 4 different ways, but the choice is strictly done while launching: does he notice a desktop icon? Click it if you see it but if no, press Start. With pressing Start always a safe choice. Does he see the application on the list? If yes, click it, if no, start typing or go to All programs. Every choice is always good and he never EVER needs to back-track his steps – which is good – but perhaps more importantly he’s doing the choices WHILE starting the program and he can try different things (based on instincts) and he will find it. He doesn’t need to learn which choice is good either, because next time he can do it otherwise.

An opposite to that would be a choice done beforehand: for example, a choice whether he wants a start menu at all and if so, which programs are put there and which aren’t. In this case, a choice is made before he’s actually doing the work, and the choice affects his execution in some way which might be unexpected or otherwise requires him to remember what’s currently chosen.
People don’t want this choice, it stands in the way and it’s difficult to associate a problem with relevant choice because choice is made at a different time. As a result, while customising Start is possible, nobody ever does that. Adding desktop icons is possible but nobody does that actively either. All preferences and customisation panels fall into this category. People don’t use those.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Folders and tags for bookmarks :-)

GoDaddy! Accomplishing what you need is nearly impossible – you are simply lost. I’m very happy with their service, but the usability of the site is ridiculous. If there is something worse – it should be called Art! :)

@Heather [»Folders and tags for bookmarks :-)«]:
Very nice! The tag system, combined with the ability to search fast, is rendering the folder system redundant (at least for personal data).

I am always bugged by sites that duplicate browser/computer functions. For example the back-to-top link, print button, font-size-manipulations (or stylesheet in general) etc.
Well, I am not completely sure about the last point. I tend to think that disabled users have their own user-stylesheet that fits them best, whereby an extra function is not needed. What do you think?

Another grave mistake is: Making the search complicated with too many input options. Optimal is only one input field, but also providing a link to advanced search for the ones who want to use it. Like Google.
For that matter, I love the AwesomeBar, but not everyone knows that you can just type in everything and the worst that can happen is that it gets googled.


Glen: The downside to giving users more than one-and-only-one way of performing a task is that they will have to make a choice every single time they want to perform that task. That is not only a waste of valuable time but a mental burden. It prevents users from getting to the point where using the interface is blissfully monotonous[*].

The example you give sounds like a typical case where users love to complain loudly that they need choices. Many interface designers will give in to those users, and that’s how we get so many bloated and un-monotonous interfaces. Good interface designers will listen not to what the users say, but to what they need. To use your Gmail example, what you’re really saying is not that Gmail needs more ways to apply a label, but that the current way of doing so is badly designed (or, rather, hardly designed at all) and needs to be replaced with something more discoverable and, as you put it, reads the users’ minds better (a sentiment with which I whole-heartedly agree).

[*] See http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/book/j_raskin_1.html

@David: In my experience, users do not make “choices” every single time. I have found that they make a guess as to how something works once (regardless of how many ways there are to do it). If they fail, they try again. (muddle). They keep trying until something works.

The “first” time they figure something that works, they hardly ever try another way. They stick with the first way. Neural pathways are set.

One of the more popular features of Google’s apps are their keyboard shortcuts. Why would you NOT allow the same function via a keyboard shortcut? It doesn’t get in the way AT ALL. There is no “choice” to make. It’s just there in case you are a “keyboard person”.

There are 5 ways I have found people try things: Menu, Button, Keyboard, Drag/drop and Right-click. These are non-overlapping. Why not make them all work. That way the first “guess” is the right one.

This also applies to how you construct a complex object, like a workflow. A wizard is not a lovable UI. You would be surprised how one can allow a customer to go in the order that THEY want to go in and still figure out (without problems) what they want to say.

I’ve actually spent alot of time studying this effect. I tried to elaborate in that link, but maybe my writing wasn’t up to snuff. :)

@kebes: Useless forms that follow database design (i.e., when database dictates design) almost always result in atrocious interfaces. The evolution of search towards a single, augmented box is a wonderful example!

@Kevin Ward and Felipe: What I was trying to say is that given a task, having many ways to accomplish that task is bad. Whether a piece of software can do a task is a different question.

@Emil: Ha! Totally agreed.

@Jan-Christoph: I’m often bugged by those too.

@Glen: I appreciate where you are coming from — but like David mentioned your falling into the age-old trap of listening to what users say instead of what they actually need. Whenever you introduce another way of doing something, you increase the manual size, the complexity of the system, and a Hick’s law penalty.

Generally, if you need to have five ways of doing it that means each one is not particularly well designed. You do not need five ways to set an analog watch.

Remember that “intuitive” really means “familiar”.


@Glen: Aza’s response hit the nail right on the head: you’re focusing too much on giving users an “intuitive” interface, rather than one that is actually efficient—and will become “intuitive” with time, if it well-designed. I’d like to add that few users know of only way of accomplishing each task an interface allows. Most users, however, will eventually learn that there are several ways to do certain things, and will inevitably get bogged down by trying to figure out when to use which method. To put it differently, your users may have a successful first use, but what about all their subsequent uses?

To use a personal example, all the “choices” present in Firefox actually drove me to the point where I made a style sheet to hide any and all duplicate menu items. Fewer Hick’s Law penalties = happier (and more productive) David.

Chrome recently made me question a lot of browser interface things that I never thought about. One example is the banner that displays when a password is saved. In Firefox, there is a “Not Now” button and a section close “x” icon that both do the same action. Chrome simplifies this down to the close icon.

@Colin: That’s very similar to the age-old example of the standard dialog box that has an Okay button, a Cancel button, and the close-the-window widget in the corner.

Nick Lewis

Microsoft.com has a horizontal menu with some potentially confusing choices. “Security & Updates”, “Training & Events”, and “Support”. Updates and training both strike me as forms of support, and “Partner & Customer Solutions” could possibly add to the mess even more. I can understand highlighting updates and training, but that leads me to wonder what could possibly be under “Support”.

So I click Support, expecting it to probably be troubleshooting, as that is the only thing not covered in my mind by the other choices. But it gives me many more options, including “Help & Support Home” (isn’t that where I should be right now?), “Microsoft Update” (huh?! Updates were on the last page!), How-Tos (which sound suspiciously like training), and various solution centers. I’m still trying to track down a solid definition of “Support”, so I click “Help & Support Home”.

This gives me links to the solution centers again, along with updates, troubleshooting, and some more how-tos. Oh my! After selecting a product, I am plagued with the same problems, with troubleshooting listed under the heading of “Update Windows XP”. From here, I am thoroughly confused.

Although on the bright side, even though I am utterly lost, I can theoretically get to wherever I was intending to go during any step of the way. But with clearer selections, I would get there with much more confidence.

Great dialogue! Be careful with Hick’s law and dismissing Nielsons “provide shortcuts” heuristics.

There is some powerful new research on micro-optimization in a line of work that started in ’00 with “Milliseconds Matter” by Wayne Gray. Researchers were able to show particpants optimizing their use of redundant controls.
zafrib@rpi.edu). Wayne D. Gray (grayw@rpi.edu) …

More recent work shows this behavior to be due to improved strategies interlinking perception and action:

Either I am explaining myself poorly or the world is topsy-turvy. I assume the former.

In Firefox, I press Control-T to open up a new tab EVERY time. My father (anecdote) refuses to do that. He refuses to use any keyboard shortcuts ever. I can’t make him uses control-c/x/v for cut/paste. He insists on clicking File-New Tab. I have watched users in the Intuit lab try basic tasks and people absolutely try the way they are comfortable with.

Having both methods does not bother me if it’s not in my way. Not having a keyboard shortcut would drive me nuts.

It’s like having a UI in just English even though some people speak other languages.

I liken it to spoon bending in the Matrix. Developers assume there is a “right/intuitive” way to do a task. The right way is saying to user, “bend and do it my way…don’t worry it’s the right way.” The kid in the Matrix says, (paraphrase) “bending spoons is easy when you realize there is no spoon (or right way to do a task). It is not the spoon you are bending, but yourself.”

So, here is what I am reading: Control-T should go away. Control-P shouldn’t print. Control-C shouldn’t copy. There shouldn’t be a print button or a menu choice to print. One and only one way to do a task and let the user discover it.

Please tell me you aren’t advocating this.

Nick Lewis

@Glen: As Aza said, intuitive means familiar. The only reason people use both keyboard shortcuts and menu items is because they have traditionally been given both options. But no real progress can come without a break from tradition and a reevaluating of what is truly the Right Thing.

In my mind, the need for an interface to be easy at first approach is smaller than the need to be easy thereafter. By providing only one way to do something, you require the user to learn that way at first approach, but simplify the task at every use from then on. Design systems which are inherently intuitive, rather than intuitive by virtue of assumptions about the user’s previous experience with other systems. This particularly applies to the web, where standardization in interfaces is not prevalent, and there is less of an expectation for the interface to be similar to others.

I think the question depends largely upon who the audience is. “Users” today aren’t like “users” who were first exposed to the personal computer ala the Microsoft Windows example. *see also: http://oss.zentu.net/?q=node/27 where I referenced your blog :) Users of the future will be of an entirely new breed.

For certain things, it does make sense to design an incredibly idiot-proof UI, but an idiot-proof UI also comes at a cost: loss of power.

I think it can be a mistake and actually hurt when preemptively assuming users are all idiots. Even the notion of an “average” user doesn’t give much away: there are visual learners, audio learners, kinesthetic learners, and so on.

So I guess the key to your question is: frequency. Is it just a one-time thing, or a mundane task? Mundane tasks can and should be made as efficient as possible (firing up a web browser, deleting all spam messages at the same time). There might be a period of adjustment in the short-term while the user learns the new behavior (keyboard shortcuts), but overall, if it’s something that’s done frequently, the amount of time spent on the task will be reduced.

Though, to answer your web-related question, OpenID comes to mind — I think confuses a lot more people than it helps!


Totally agree with Aza, too many to accomplish a task just clutters up a UI without benefit. I think it’s laziness (couched as choice) when designers or engineers say “let’s do it both ways” and pass their indecision on to users. To a user that leads to lack of best practices, and confused clicking around. I don’t think that means taking keyboard shortcuts away… thats another method but not another UI, right?

I think the more you understand tasks, the less this type of hedging is needed. Tabs and menus also enable disorganization (why I like more contextual navigation, keeps you asking the right questions). See Google Reader, under Manage Subscriptions: there’s functionality scattered throughout tabs, and no useful batch management workflow.

An example of indecision: see Photoshop: Open dialog (CS3) where you can flip from OS to Adobe dialogs (?), completely removing the user from their content by asking users to pick their UI. Adobe Lightroom also offers several modes where the same task can be done in diff. ways. In real life, you approach repetitive tasks in the same way each time. So I don’t think we’re doing anyone a favor by saying there are 2 ways to drink your coffee.

There should be many ways to do a task for the same reason we grow many varieties of apples, you never know what the weather will be like, and one variety may do better in one year than another. You are much more stable this way. There are simply things we can not predict.

A comparison to bicycles:

Touring bikes, road bikes, and are better for upwards of 100 mile rides, and a variety of hilly terrain. However those gears add additional cost to the interface — more choices and more parts to maintain. If we are not doing that type of riding it becomes pointlessly expensive. So we have fixed gear bikes, less parts, less things to break, more efficient and faster flatland riding. Now each bike is it’s own interface, but then there is also the interface of choosing which bike to use. Having multiple choices here is good especially if one breaks.

So bringing this to software, and the browser. Firefox is like the touring bike, it has many gears (extensions), and an interface to switch those plugins (cables and levers), preferences (more things to maintain and tweak). It has a relaxed frame for a comfortable ride on different terrain (it works on many operating systems). Epiphany is like the road bike, it has gears, but is a bit more rigid frame and is faster. Then there is Galleon, which is like a fixed gear. Now one of the cool things about a fixed gear is that even though you only get one gear ratio, you get to choose the ratio that works for you. So even though there are fewer choices *while* your riding, your not really hindered by it.

If a bike was software, how would we design the interface? Would we have an interface to be able to change every aspect of the bike (the one-size fits all), or would we create groups of presets, and offer limited interfaces?

I would personally prefer an even more extreme of Galeon, where all the configuration is done before it’s built but once it’s compiled, there really are super limited options.

Mozilla vs. Firefox…

    Hello there! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My blog looks weird when browsing from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this problem. If you have any suggestions, please share. Many thanks!

@Aza: I just wanted to clarify that I am pro the Chrome implementation mentioned. I believe that it differs from the dialog box example in that, in a banner the close button is inline with the other buttons and thus a clear part of the action dialog being offered.

The first time I encountered it, I was annoyed, until I realized the efficiency of the choices. It has since become one of those small pleasures that makes me smile every time I use it.


I found that related

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from some of the information you provide here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Thanks a lot!

Peter Kasting

As the primary designer of Google Chrome’s “Omnibox” address bar, a key motivation in combining the search and address bars of existing browsers was for precisely the reason you mention: to reduce choice. For some users, the distinction between URLs and searches is unclear, so people typed into the wrong box. But even for experienced users, there’s a tiny (but nonzero) amount of cognitive overhead in selecting the control to use — not enough to notice as “annoying”, but enough that getting used to a single entry box can make other UIs frustrating.

Outside my own area of expertise, I’d say Google Maps has tried valiantly to limit the number of distinct boxes to type address components into.

@Nick Lewis Can you define “inherently intuitive”, especially with the definition of “intuitive” meaning “familiar” in mind? A practical example would help a lot.

@Aza: So, you’d remove the close-the-widget-button? What about the ESC shortcut to close it? Isn’t that duplicated functionality, too?

@Braydon: The bicycle analogy is interesting, but I couldn’t quite get your conclusion. Are you for more personalisation of interfaces?

Nick Lewis

@Jörn: I sort of contradicted myself I think, by agreeing that intuitive means familiar, but then stating that a system ought to be intuitive in its own respect. Perhaps better word choice is in order. Or perhaps I need to think more about what I meant to say. Upon later thought, it occurs to me that it is, of course, impossible for a system to be intuitive independently of prior experience.

My important point, though, was that a system should not be considered intuitive merely because of the fact that it works the same as every other system. If every other system has a bad interface, then your system has a bad interface as well, even if users can still use it because it is familiar. The actions performed by the program should mimic or easily mentally map themselves to the physical actions the user is performing, as best they can.

Mouse gestures are popular for this reason; you needn’t think about how to achieve what you want to achieve, but rather you just move your mouse in a way that feels as if it reflects what you’re trying to do. If I want to go back, I move my mouse to the left, which is logically “previous” in our left-to-right reading (and reasoning) order. I suppose what I am getting at is that interface actions should be familiar to the real action itself, not necessarily familiar to the interface action in other applications.

An example might be: Suppose the standard thing to do, for whatever reason, became to press the K key to go back (no idea why this would happen, but just take it as an example of an illogical interface action). If I am making a new program, my “back” action can be intuitive if I use the K key, but it can also be intuitive if I use a mouse gesture to the left. The prior interface is familiar based on experience with other software, whereas the latter is familiar based on the properties of the action. In the latter case, the user is conditioned based on their experiences with mentally backtracking general (it’s to the left!), and in the former, the user is conditioned based on their experiences with software, using the K key to go back.

I hoped that jumbled mess of thoughts cleared something up. I know what I’m trying to say, but the way to explain it isn’t quite crystallized in my mind just yet. The key idea is that what we have standard now is not the best of all possible interfaces, so to improve we must potentially push users out of their comfort zone by changing the way common actions are done, if those new ways are “better”. The user’s expectations of the interface which are founded in their experiences with other interfaces are unimportant. Standard, homogeneous interfaces damage progress by limiting the allowable experimentation.


Maybe keyboards and mice are the problem. There is probably an ideal interface for interacting with computers that does not exist yet. The best that can be done today is still probably not a perfect or even good interface. Maybe even the idea of a computer is a bad interface.

Although I agree that interface choices can (and often do) go way too far, it sounds like some are advocating a pretty totalitarian view.

Only one light switch per room. Go walk over to the only one.
No remote controls for TVs. Get up and walk over to the power button on the TV.
Control-B is gone, make it bold the “intuitive” way.

I might suggest reading Emotional Design by Don Norman and not just DOET. A functional, intuitive interface is not the end-all-be-all. Sometimes you have to let people customize and do it THEIR way to get them to LOVE something.

To be clear: I do NOT advocate UI that gives choice that is confusing. Peter’s work on Chrome is a great example of this.

Search and URL belong in the same box as stated. That’s not user preference to “choose a box”, it’s just two boxes that work in exactly the same way.

However…chrome has several different ways to close a tab. Which one is the “right” one? It’s silly. They don’t overlap. Have them all. They are equally discoverable and some people prefer one over the other.

It’s like having just the missionary position. The human species might die out! Give me UI liberty or give me death. (maybe I am overstating this a bit)

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