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Firefox Panorama: Tab Candy Evolved

I am happy to announce that Tab Candy is coming to Firefox 4. Starting today, Tab Candy will be called Firefox Panorama and be available as a feature in Firefox betas. Head to the Firefox 4 feature list, or watch the video below, to learn how to organize your tabs into groups and reclaim your browsing experience from clutter and information overload.

Like many innovations, the ideas behind Panorama are a mashup of previous work. You can see roots in the Firefox Mobile concept, zooming user interfaces, and virtual desktops.

While there are many directions still left to explore (some of which are covered in the Tab Candy announcement video), there is a strong set of design principle that have and will continue to guide development. We’ve already seen activity from extension authors to extend the capabilities of Panorama, which makes now a perfect time to discuss Panorama’s design principles.

History and Spec

It took 7 months to go from sketches to inclusion in Firefox. In a fast moving project, ideas need to be communicated fluidly. Instead of having specs broken into many smaller documents, we used one massive document to house concepts, specifications, and design decisions. Here it is. There’s a lot to explore in here so enjoy and feel free to ask questions in the comments.

If you want to delve deeper into the inspiration, go back to mid-2008. Below is a concept video for Firefox Mobile that shows a number of the key design principles and concepts that informed the creation of Tab Candy. The second video shows the in-progress design for Panorama from early April.

The Principles of Design

Within the concept of “organizing your online tasks” is a lot room for paradigms, metaphors, and features. We used a set of principles guided by cognitive psychology to create a unified interface we feel is humane and efficient.

Harness the power of spatial memory. Spatial memory is what allows you to navigate back to your house from a new resturant, remember how to get to your bed after you turning off the lights, and knowing exactly where something is on your messy desk. Probably stemming from our hunter-gatherer days, spatial memory is universally strong in everyone: we just remember where things are if they don’t move on us. That’s why in Panorama we are careful to never mess with your organization and layout — it is always the same even after you restart the browser.

The lack of consistent spatial layout is one of the main usability issues with interfaces like Apple’s Exposé. Their shifting layout means it confounds our ability to remember where things were. It messes with our heads and forces us to learn and relearn an ever-modifying map. Imagine how hard it would be to navigate if the city you lived in constantly rearranged itself.

Seeing is remembering. In the cognitive science community we talk about two modes of accessing long term memory (anything longer than a couple seconds): there is recognition and recall. Recall requires first conjuring up a memory, then checking that it is the right memory, and finally doing something with it, while recognition doesn’t require that first costly recall step as it is triggered by seeing something. Recognition-based interfaces are generally less taxing and are more preferable than recall-based interfaces.

This implies that an overview of everything is the right approach to letting you group and organize your online life. One click lets you see all of your tabs just the way there were before, letting your brain use recognition rather than recall. Many past proposed tab-grouping designs fail this principal.

Minimize required interactivity. In other words, don’t make me click. This goes hand-in-hand with recognition versus recall. Instead of using stacks or other occlusive group visualizations we invented a new way of grouping, where tabs in a group shrink to accommodate more tabs. This way, tabs stay in the order and rough location you remember whilst always remaining visible.

Remove distractions: out of sight, out of mind. This is the corollary to seeing is remembering. We, as humans, are bad at multitasking. As practitioners of GTD know, the secret to productivity is removing distractions and focusing. Piles let you visually hide the pages by which you don’t want to be visually distracted, which strategically requires recall-based memory. When you are in a group, you only see the tabs related to the task at hand, again allowing you to focus. Strategic hiding is key to a mind free of info-guilt.

Tangible. A good interface is behaviorally onomatopoeic. Web pages are now physical objects which you can interact with, leading to all sorts of new metaphors for using and sharing the web. For instance, you’ll soon be able to share a webpage directly, instead of sharing the text representation of the URL for the web page, by dragging it to a friend; and move a tab to your mobile device simply by dropping it onto a representation of your phone.

Also, nothing shouts “sexy!” like a gently stylized physics engine and visual momentum. Beyond marketing appeal, there is a strong argument that such physicality helps the user build a mental model of the interface, and that interface physics yields consistency. We are wired to track the movement of things and to be able to remember where they’ve gone, as long as they don’t appear and disappear, which doesn’t happen in the real world. Of course, copying every physical metaphors blindly gets you interfaces like the multi-million dollar blunder that was Microsoft Bob, so we need to select our metaphors carefully.

Speed and Joy. All of the above is moot if the interface doesn’t feel snappy. Down to the distinctive bounce-styled animation, we’ve focused on making Panorama be and feel fast. Similarly, in all of our animations and interactions (like how a group runs away if another group is placed on it) we’ve tried to focus on creating a little bit of whimsy.

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Thanks for all the details! It´s been a pleasure to follow the development and great to see it coming to FF4.

My main concern about Panorama so far is that I tend to forget I have another tab set in the background, and I tend to “start” navigating to a site again. For example I may already have the current mozillazine forum nightly topic already open in another tab set, but when I think of it, I forget and start typing “build” which is how I get to the all build topics forum page.

The other concern is performance. Not of panorama per se but the chance of having a bunch of youtube videos loaded or worse running in the background and not knowing they are there consuming resources and making the whole experience slow.

This could be a candidate for a “smart tab set” of resource intensive tabs so users can pay attention to it if they want to improve performance.

On autogroups, my favorite would be “communications” by identifying which sites I tend to enter and submit text frecently like web mail, microblogging, blogging, forums and similar sites.

    Aza Raskin

    Regarding your main concern, we are working on a solution here: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=589010

    For performance concern, that is something we are thinking about and in the future may well use a form of dynamically unloading intensive and infrequently used tabs.


      Would it defeat the purpose of Panorama to have groups be actual windows? This would give a very obvious visual representation as well as tab into all the functions the OS already provides the user in terms of managing this content.


    >My main concern about Panorama so far is that I tend to >forget I have another tab set in the background, and I >tend to “start” navigating to a site again.

    Agreed – this is very annoying. TabCandy shouldn’t be hiding open content at all from the user – it should be exposed to the OS:

    Panorama wants operate to really succeed to learn pertaining to non-power clients. It would as well conduct additional pertaining to multiple-window admirers, whose mind I just admire nonetheless simply just don’t fully grasp. Always be qualified to opened a new tab set in a very completely new eye-port, and you should have the capacity to in close proximity this eye-port not having specifically taking away all of the navigation bars via Principe. That is certainly a program challenge, nonetheless worthy of chasing.

    No need to explain if Principe might be a new integrated along with central portion of the Firefox experience, subsequently it to allow for distinct methods associated with procedure therefore everyone is able to be pleased with this. Ok, this the present style does not do this for you personally, nonetheless make sure you keep in mind that no person wants to make use of house windows to control their particular distinct rational categories of navigation bars.

    Tab must not be applied within an software. This is a windowpane administration problem, no software problem. Proceed apply this particular within an X11 windowpane office manager in order that it pertains to almost all programs, not only a internet browser.

AWESOME! I WILL TRY IT OUT ASAP! I usually use Chrome, but im gonna change to firefox if this is so good as it looks


Nice idea, and I believe that you did a very good job to make it snappy. That is indeed very important I believe.


It seem so cool!!!

Will this available also on firefox mobile?

In the spirit of “sharing links”, here’s an idea for the product roadmap: enable spaces to be shared. More specifically:

(1) Enable spaces to be shared and distributed, preferably in a manner closer to bit.ly (click on a link to explore) than OPML (requiring more technical expertise).

(2) Enable spaces to be annotated, i.e. some sort of background image that provides an additional layer upon which to provide visual cues as to what collections do, how they were curated, notations, etc.

(3) Bring in annotations from third party sources, so the highly linked pages would have a red halo and lesser-linked pages a blue halo; mouseover a collection to see the description of a page, etc.

Good job, I can’t wait to use this tool.

Awesome feature!

Except it comes with no button to get out of Panorama mode, you have to know that the ESC key is required.

The first time I tried the feature, the only clickable element that looked like it would get me out of Panorama was the cross that closed all tabs in a group.
The only group. Of my only window. There is no Undo for that.

I dislike the idea of including a video for explanations too: not everyone has working ears and/or a good handle on spoken english.
It took me the video to learn that the hotkey is Ctrl-Space, this should be displayed next to the menu item.

Otherwise, still an awesome feature.

    Aza Raskin

    These are legitimate design concerns. We are working on an more discoverable escape method as per: http://www.flickr.com/photos/azaraskin/4908282585. Similarly, the video will soon be subtitled in all 70+ languages that Firefox is released in.

      hi booby, this video ralely helped me learn to play stairway to heaven but im worried about you man. if you ever need to talk to someone im only one message away.


    Looks like the hotkey is ctrl-E now. space no longer works.


There’s a lot of inconsistencies with the name. In Bugzilla, it’s Tab Candy; in the code, it’s Tab View; in the release notes it’s Tab Organiser…

Oh well. Either way, it’s a brilliant feature. It’s a lot better than tab sidebars, and whatever else people were concepting (if that’s a word). I don’t use large amounts of tabs like some people, but this is still going to save my life, so thanks so much for making it.

    Aza Raskin

    Fair point. This is one of the results of working in the open—even the branding process is publicly viewable.

Eric Danielson

One thing: I believe your shortcut(control+space) is a very common shortcut used for IME users when switching languages. I might be mistaken, however.


    Yes, I use Chinese PinYin IME to switch between PinYin and English input method.

    Please change to some other key combination!

I don’t get it… I already use windows to group my tabs, doesn’t everyone?


Can you share the results of user testing you’ve done on this new feature? I was very surprised about some of the conventions you used to create new spaces, etc.

I would be curious to hear if your user experience testing showed fresh users as being surprised and yet you’re continuing with the design anyway (i.e. you’re making a specific decision to accept the hit to usability) or if I’m way off base and your user testing showed that everyday computer users were able to use this feature without intervention.

Thanks for sharing.

Looks pretty smooth under MacOSX… but not that much under Linux. There, zooming in is more like a slideshow of 3 distinct pictures, I hope that this will improve in the final release, but besides that it’s really awesome, used it for almost a week now and can’t imagine a life without it.

@Laurens Holst
Windows? Uh… I mean even under Linux where I have Workspaces I only want one Firefox Window to be open, under Windows more Windows would be even worse.

    @Ivo Wetzel
    What’s the problem with multiple windows? In Windows 7 (or Ubuntu with dockbarx) they even get nicely grouped together under one icon.

    E.g. right now I have a window with some game faqs that’s probably been open for a couple of months by now, a window with some youtube songs that I want to look up, a window with some searches for a car I’ve been shopping for, and a window with this post and some others that I want to keep an eye on if someone responds to me.

    Why do I or anyone need this new Panoramas feature? If anything it seems confusing to me that tabs that are technically open would get completely hidden from view behind CTRL-space.

    I disabled that one-preview-per-tab thing in Windows 7 by the way, whatever tab is open is enough to show me which window (‘group’) it is, and mixing all tabs across all windows together like Firefox 4 now does is very annoying (why, why??), plus it overflows if you have more than say 10 open web pages and replaces the previews with a plain list.


      >What’s the problem with multiple windows? In Windows 7 (or >Ubuntu with dockbarx) they even get nicely grouped >together under one icon.

      EXACTLY. Multiple windows are not a problem at all on Windows 7. Here is my proposed fix:


        Impressive effort to document what you consider to be an improvement, but I strongly disagree. I want _one_ browser window open with the stuff I want to look at, not many. There is nothing about the Panorama interface or implementation that slows me down, and I am happily managing dozens of tabs.

        Panorama needs work to make it easier to understand for non-power users. It could also do more for multiple-window fans, whose mentality I respect but just don’t understand. You should be able to open a tabset in a new window, and you should be able to close that window without necessarily removing all those tabs from Panorama. That is an interface challange, but well worth pursuing.

        It goes without saying that if Panorama is to be a built-in and core part of the Firefox experience, then it needs to accommodate different modes of operation so everyone can feel comfortable with it. Fair enough that its current design doesn’t do that for you, but please remember that not everybody likes to use windows to manage their different logical groups of tabs.

Are there any more keybindings available? Switch to group, move tab to group, etc. Working with a trackpad is painful after you’ve gotten properly used to the keyboard :)


    Same question. It looks really neat! Add some keyboard shortcuts! Thanks!


    It used to be ctrl+space but it no longer seems to work in Beta 7.


      Found it… it’s now Ctrl-E

Crazy cool stuff!

As a web developer I can only be happy that this thing might take a few people from Internet Explorer and bring them into the shiny cool standards compliant browser space.

Best of luck.

    It is all good. I came home from work today and my 10 year old son palyed it for me after watching your video. You are doing a good thing. Thank you.


I started using this today. Still rough/beta of course but basically good. Question: When I start Firefox, do all the tabs in all the tab groups start loading instantly or do groups of tabs only load when I click them the first time? I ask because if I have a lot of tabs open, it can take a long time to get everything loaded when I start Firefox, at least in 3.x it did. Basically, I want to make certain groups hold off loading until I click on them to view them. In essence, I want certain groups to act like bookmarks until I click them and then they turn into active tabs. Basically, Panorama is crying out to be merged with the bookmarks system. That would be excellent.


Can I use Firefox Sync to sync tab groups?

Firefox 4 is shaping up to change the whole experience of using the Internet.

Excellent idea, and fantastic final implementation! I only have one question/concern, that may be across the board for all tabbed browsers.

When you create a new tab, it is specifically in the same window as your original tab, for short, it is just one window.

However, in Windows 7 it displays all of them as separate windows. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem considering the fact that it cleanly organizes all the windows into a small selection window; but this really does lessen the meaning of this ‘candy’ method.

Is there any fix for this, because I do believe it also has a major amount of pull on the system. I do see a lot of lag with this, and it would be fantastic to try to implement a fix for this in code. Maybe create a sand-boxed Firefox that encapsulates all windows and tabs inside of it’s own run-time? Is this possible?

Thank you so much for this fantastic new way to browse and organize the internet, it is really changing the way I use my workflow :)



Wish we could have this neat thing always open as a lofty sidebar in the browser window! Finally we could make good use of that excessive space not really used on nowaday’s huge widescreen monitors.

    Colby Russell

    ‘Cept by thoughtless web designers who expect you to view their Web site with the pages taking up the whole screen. I should be able to view at least two pages side-by-side without getting a horizontal scrollbar, dammit.

The animation is a bit slow on a 2yo machine, but the concept is neat.

My only question is why should this and Sync be core features? I find myself more and more dreaming of a Lite version of firefox…

Is it such a tight integration needed that they cannot be extensions? They could come with the browser package and be installed by default, similarly to the DOM Inspector, but at least you would leave the choice to (power?) users and keep the core lean.

Now this is awesome…
this feature will definitely increase productivity.


Tabs should not be implemented in an application. It is a window management issue, not an application issue. Go implement this in an X11 window manager so that it applies to all applications, not just a browser.

Please makes the shortcut editable! Thanks!


Excellent. Thanks for information…..

I don’t fully understand the decision of shipping Tab Candy with Firefox 4. A featured add-on wouldn’t have been more prudent?
Do you expect a large adoption?

Maybe Mozilla needed a nice differentiation from the other browsers.

As Bob-o mentioned, this is really a window management issue, and it makes me a little uncomfortable that we’ve been implementing tab management a hundred ways in a thousand programs for the last decade or so. That said, Tab Candy (or, I guess, Panorama, now) is really great.

However: when I tried it before, it really didn’t seem to play nice with multiple windows. It could have been other bugs in FF4, but I had issues where navigating to a URL that was open in another window caused that window to move to the foreground (especially bad since I have multiple monitors and desktops, and it made things move to the wrong desktop). Also, the tab groups didn’t seem to be unified among all windows and I kept losing them due to my multi-window habits. Have these things been improved?



I noticed two glitches in Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:2.0b5pre) Gecko/20100824 Firefox 3.0 ( Minefield/3.7a1pre):

* Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U show Page Info and Source for the current tab “underneath” the Panorama.

* Panorama doesn’t show my App tab (the Tiddlywiki-based mGSD) in a privileged manner or in a special location; I can move the App tab around in Panorama but it remains on the left as an App tab as it should.

All Firefox needs is a file management window and a media player as extensions (they are “only” Places with a file:/// view and some extra columns), and I’ll never have to leave it!


Who is actually interested in this feature? I don’t really see a usecase except for power users (IT guys with too much time on their hands)..


This is great stuff, but unless they have fixed the memory leak and processor bloat issues it will still be problematic having too many tabs open.

This is too cool Aza! I tried the beta out briefly and can see how Panorama will work nicely with my workflow and help keep my browsing organized. I’d continue using it if all of the web dev addons worked with the beta as well. Awesome work!


how about allowing ppl to instert a search engine in Panorama? ;)

Hi, despite I’m a Safari user for daily browsing (I keep Firefox as a development tool), this feature is almost awesome enough to justify the switch (I prefer Webkit over Gecko but, hey, software is its interface not its engine).

It would be a great feature the posibility to have keyboard shortcuts for navigating panoramas, creating groups and expanding piles. For example, Cmd+Enter to launch group, Cmd+Shift+Enter to launch a tab in a group, Cmd+E to expand a pile, Cmd+G to create a new group of selected tabs, etc.

Congratulations for your work and for making web browsing a better experience.


Like all other candy: a totally useless feature.


Hi! I noticed that app tabs are persistent across groups, meaning that no matter what group of tabs i select apptabs will always be on the left side, which is great since I keep all my messagin stuff there and need ready access to it. However if I have say two groups (group 1 and 2) and the apptab is clumped together with group 1, even if im using group 2 and i click to send a message on one of my apptab, it suddenly brings me back to group1. This is quite confusing, especially if im copy pasting something from group two to my apptab, and sudden;y finding that the tab iwas copying from has been replaced by group 1.

Also, some of my bookmarks are in folders to help me organize stuff. Would it be possible that when i click on the folder to launch all the links inside, that they be already grouped and named with the folder name? FOr example i click my folder “Search engines” and it launches yahoo, google, bing. I’d like it if they were already placed in a group called “Search engines”

    I noticed that behaviour too and find it very annoying.
    Usually I want to click on, lets say my Gmail Tab, check the new mails, and then go back to the tab/group I was browsing before. Then I have to switch back before I can get back to my work …

    App-Tabs should be global to all groups and the current group shouldn’t be switched if I activate one of them.


How to select more than 1 page in a group to drag to other group? Usual Ctrl + click doesn’t work, that is confusing.

And I can live with it being less attractive and animated ;), how to make it faster?

    Ed M

    This is functionality I would like to see with the tab group screen. I am starting with 30 or so open tabs and no tab groups and want to divide them up to three or four groups. I don’t want to have to drag each page individually but grab them using either CTRL+ or SHIFT+ selecting either individual or consecutive pages into a new group.


Speed Dial add in the next version please, like Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Please Speed Dial is very important, all other browsers do.

Thank you very much and move on.


Looks very nice. This encourages opening more tabs, but I hope firefox 4 only is leaner on using resources, as opening many tabs makes firefox 3 really slow.


How can I change or disable the default shortcut to Tab Candy/Panorama/Set? it currently uses Ctrl+Space, which is the natural shortcut to ubiquity (at least for me)


I’m interested in this impressive massive document containing concepts, specifications, and design decisions ;-) Can you provide me with link to one png file? Deep Zoom interface is too sluggish to view it.

Eylon Yogev

I would really like a search option. Or something like an incremental search for searching tabs.
Say I am surfing and then want to send an email. I know that I have a gmail tab already opened. So and press Ctrl + Space and get the Panorama view. Then I want to type gmail and get to the gmail tab, and not search it with my eyes.
Any solution to this?

Sam B-Good

Is there a way to re-enable the ‘dev menu’? I looked in about:config but couldn’t see an option.

Peter D

I have to tried to use this feature, but every time I start Firefox nothing is remembered. Any tab groups created are lost. Is there some checkbox some where to have the system remember my settings?

    Yeah me too Peter D.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this add-on I really helps me cluster browser resources for each project I am in parallel on…

    especially code samples online !

    but every time even by accident I close out of my browser I have to start all over again in assortment.

    I have cheated though and placed ALL cornerstone browsers in my home settings so I can quickly resort them upon opening a new session…

    this is my only workaround.. hope this is solved too!



Just a few suggestions:
1. a quick switch between tab groups (alt+tab style)
2. the ability to further customize groups will help finding them when there are a lot of groups, especially if it would be possible to add a blinking halo to an important group.
3. the ability to highlight a bunch of tabs at once for transferring to another group would be lovely too.

Otherwise thank you very much for an awesome, life improving feature!


    I believe ctrl+` will cycle through tab groups, +shift to cycle in reverse. Not sure what the Mac shortcut is.

    a a

    +1 3. Select multiple tabs like a file manager.
    4. Maybe reuse the organize bookmarks window(Crtl-Shift-H) and put it on the bottom of panorama and allow drag and dropping. This will probably lead to people using groups instead of bookmarks; it might become cluttered. So…
    5. On mouse hover expand the group, minimize and push other groups to the side or bottom.


This is pretty cool! I downloaded FF4b4 this morning on my Mac and played around with it a bit. But at work I downloaded FF4b4 for Windows and the Panorama button isn’t there. I notice that all the demo videos and screenshots show Mac Firefox. Will Windows Firefox be getting this feature sometime in the future?


Oh, never mind. I happened to look in the view menu and saw “Group Your Tabs(G)…” (which is a pretty strange way to indicate the mnemonic ‘G’, but whatever).

Apparently the Panorama button is added to the toolbar by default on Mac Firefox, but not on Windows Firefox. Kind of confusing!

Aza, do you work on some other Firefox’s elements design? I really like Chrome’s concept of address bar joined with search bar. What about you?


Hey Aza,

how about if you could play youtube videos just by clicking on the little Thumbnail in Tabcandy (Panorama)?? I know that this would actually not be the purpose of Tabcandy (Panorama), but i would find that a really cool feature, lets say you have sorted your favourite Youtube videos in one Group and now you want to play them, but don’t want to enter one tab, leave it again, enter another one, ans so on. For videos, i would find a “play as thumbnail function” just awesome, so you could listen to all your favourite videos, without having to enter exit several pages, but at once.

Thanks for hearing my idea

I am exited to test Panorama



As well as notifications would be cool in Panorama, if someone writes you a message in Facebook, or if you get a message in your mail account. Actually, there would also be a question? Would it be possible to make a notification of new messages in the Taskbar? That would be a awesome feature. Because at the Moment you have to be in the Window to see if you got a Chatmessage on Facebook, but sometimes you are not in the window, so a notification in the taskbar would directly let you know, there is a message for me.



I want to manage my windows on my desktop just like that…

A small UI suggestion:
The top left part of websites is where logos or distinctive visual features of websites are located.
The favicon is currently placed in this corner in panorama, moving it to the bottom right part of the thumbnail would probably improve the identification of small thumbnails.


Please tell me how to disable Panorama. Thank you


As someone who normally has 100+ tabs open, I’m really hoping ‘Panorama’ is going to pan out. At this early phase, just a couple of obvious comments.

1. I really, really hate the Mac-centric resizing control of Panorama groups. Make them so you can drag any border, or only Mac people (already used to this archaic limitation) will use them.

2. I have to echo previous posts: for Panorama to be really usable, there MUST be some sort of mini-interface – a menu, or right-click, or status indicator, or sidebar. It’s just too cumbersome to constantly open the whole Panorama window just to, say, find a stray tab.

3. Things get very awkward when you open a second Firefox window. You get a second, completely separate Panorama view. No way to move tabs between windows, for example. You need another level of container in the Panorama view to reflect this.

I do like the overall concept, although so much of it is not working (on the PC, anyway) that it’s hard to judge. Can’t save, can’t nest groups, can’t add a toolbar button, and can’t see an Options button on groups. I assume all this is coming…

That’s all I’ve got after an hour’s fooling around, but I’ll be back!

John K

I know that the reddit community has very mixed feelings about Panorama, but seeing the science behind the design is very reassuring. Very interesting stuff.


I love how much easier Panorama makes managing my tabs.

However, I agree with others that Panorama should work across windows; then (ideally) each group would be its own window. This way people can use the (IMHO much nicer) Panorama view to navigate to a desired tab (in any window), while still being able to use their OS to get to it too (because alt/cmd+tab is sometimes just faster).

Some UX feedback: having the titles at the bottom of the tabs in Panorama confused me for a bit. I was looking at “Twitter / Home” and wondered why it looked like the UPS site. Even now that I know, titles as captions still looks wrong to me.


    Heh, I guess I should’ve read broccauley’s criticism/proposal[0] first, then my second paragraph could’ve been reduced to “What broccauley said.”

    I didn’t even know Windows 7 has support (which Firefox can hook into) for tabs in its taskbar. About damn time! :-) Gnome/KDE will surely follow suit. Does Snow Leopard have an API to expose tabs in “Exposé in the Dock”?

    [0] https://wiki.mozilla.org/User:Broccauley/Fixing_TabCandy


Help, my Firefox is stuck in Panorama mode and I can’t get out! I tried pressing Alt+F4 and choosing “Save and quit” but when I start it again, it opens in panorama mode again. All my tabs are tiny stacked thumbnails in the lower right corner.


I pressed ESC and now all my tabs are gone!!!


For some reason it returned to panorama mode and I now have 1 window stuck in panorama mode and another window in normal mode. The F* is this?!


Add me to this is pointless when nothing is remembered!
I know different people use browser differently –
I’m one who closes browser at least daily / reboots computer.
When I open the browser, it’s with one blank tab (homepage is BLANK).
So, if panorama is unable to REMEMBER how I want to arrange tabs, it’s really quite useless and just overhead/take extra time to result in net loss of time/productivity.


Whats the point? save time or work faster ? I don’t think so. This is time wasting feature and confusing as well.

A nice feature of Tab Candy/Panorama is that one can set the background very easily: checkout my stylish script for this at:
May be some one can wrap it in an extension, complete with an image selector or such?

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Why doesn’t Panorama support dragging tabs between two windows with Panorama open? Yes, I understand Panorama is supposed to replace windows, and I could still drag from tab bar to tab bar, but Panorama makes it possible to use tabs in a window set to open without a tab bar. I couldn’t find the tab bar, so I figured Panorama could drag tabs and groups between windows. And it couldn’t. Meh, I’m off ranting about a tiny problem again.


An Idea for
“switching between groups without going to Tab Candy” :

You could place an up and down arrow next to the tab-bar which switches to the set of tabs of another group. An scroll like animation could be used


Is the keyboard shortcut to switch tab groups (Ctrl+~) published anywhere? Didn’t have much luck searching for it and found it eventually by scrolling around in that tiny little window showing the entire doc. Maybe this comment will get indexed and help somebody, or hopefully it will be published before final release.

Chanan Strauss

hi, sorry, but I really don’t like “panorama”: it takes much longer to open than without, and worse – I don’t seem to find a way to get rid of it. How do you stop it?


I dream of a Firefox OS in the way of “The Human Interface”.


I just would like to ask for a keyboard shortcut for Panorama, instead of having to reach the icon.


Why do you only publish videos of how to use Panorama (both you personally and the Mozilla web site generally)? Can you please provide some written instructions so that people who CANNOT HEAR THE VIDEOS know how to use this feature. thanks!

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What is happening if, after you opened a lot of pages and organized in groups, you need to close the browser to go somewhere? Therefore I think the next logical step is to allow Panorama to:
1. Bookmark the groups in folders using the name of the groups as names for the newly created folders.
2. Open a folder of bookmarks as a group. In addition to “Open All in Tabs” we could have “Open All in Group”.
3. Save all the groups in Session Manager if the user choose this.

Another improvement could be the ability to assign groups to a bookmark in the same way we assign tags. In this way, we can put a page in specific groups from the moment we load it from bookmarks.

I wish there was a way to disable the zooming effect this is way too slow for me to ever use. Please either make a way to disable it or have the speed set by the user.

I’m glad i found ur blog.Not everyone can provide information with proper flow. Good post. I am going to save the URL and will definitely visit again. Keep it up.

Tab panorama is awesome- one extra feature would be to merge in speedial functionality so I can have my favorites sorted by group organised in the same way. You can do a triangular icon ora greyed thumbnail to indicate un opened favorite.


how do you create and update a massive spec sheet like that? what program did you use?

Sounds cool but not practical IMHO.

It took 7 months to go from sketches to inclusion in Firefox. In a fast moving project, ideas need to be communicated fluidly. Instead of having specs broken into many smaller documents, we used one massive document to house concepts, specifications, and design decisions. Here it is. There’s a lot to explore in here so enjoy and feel free to ask questions in the comments.


I am not exactly from a browser development world, so the question could be stupid. I really wonder if it would be possible to have each group of tabs in the panaroma to have a dedicated session. So potentially I am logged into google services using one Id in the one group of tabs at the same time logged into gmail using other ID in another group of tabs.


Hello Aza,
You are doing a great job as a creative lead for mozilla. But how long do you think browsers will be confined to windows? How long will they still need tabs? Why not remove them all. Give the advanced users a chance to play with the user interface. Do take a look at my design on youtube. It is in its crude form but I think the idea is nice not because it is mine but because it offers the minimal interface. Hope you read this post. Below, I have posted a link to my video.


Massimo Paolucci

Hello Aza,

thanks for the nice extension. After a week or more of using FF4 I would like to have a way to freeze the tabs so that they are not all available an running. When I then unfreeze the tabs are re-loaded. The extension tab-manager used to do that (they called hibernate), but here you have a chance to still display a little icon so that the user can see what the set of tabs were all about.

If you can provide this free/hibernate tab groups it would be great!!!


I’m using FF 4.0b6. Noticed Panorama/Groups a while ago but only started to use it in earnest since yesterday. I think I’ve put it through its paces and I’ve also read many, but not all, of the comments in the discussion here.

The discussion is its own topic as it were.

First problem was that the Panorama groups didn’t seem to persist across sessions. However I also use tabmix plus and I have its session manager override the default one in FF. Once I remembered that out and acted appropriately, Panorama groups persisted just fine.

Later I lost part of tabmmix plus’ multi-row tab scrolling. Reinstalling (the latest devel version of) tabmix plus fixed that.

I also use the Chinese IME but I use emacs as well so I’d remapped the IME away from ctrl-space some time ago. I don’t toggle back and forth frequently between Chinese and English so this isn’t a problem for me.

It seemed unusual at first that something I would have thought of as an Add-on in the past has become, at least in beta, a default part of FF. But it seems to work well for me and, hey, why not?

Panorama is somewhat slow the first time it opens but is much faster subsequently which I assume is due to caching. Maybe that can be improved upon, maybe not, but it’s OK.

This may or may not be a revolutionary new feature. However, a way to remap whatever shortcut is chosen is a must have. Especially the way this is implemented in FF4.0b8pre+. Taking over a shortcut from the search bar is going to piss off a lot of end users. I know there was much discussion about this, but more options are better. Otherwise, without giving and option, you’re giving the perception that you’re ramming this down people’s throats.


thanks for the demo, i was taking the ff 4beta survay and looking too see what those things mean.
Bot sure if things like:
– resize group to minimum size
– align all
– allow to rename directly after creating itm whithout the need to move focus to title box
– colors
would be usefull or not, i think yes.



Is there a way to disable the Panorama theme, or perhaps a new theme that reverts it back to the old style? I know Opera is a good browser, but I don’t like using it. If I did, I wouldn’t use Firefox. Panorama turns Firefox into it, and I really don’t like that layout.

Did you have to use the control shortcut that IE uses to search for (CTRL+E)?


If I understand this feature it is a way of organizing TABS and in spite of this obvious fact my brain wants something similar to organize BOOKMARKS.

I personally have no need to create some complex/fancy visual layout of my open tabs when it all disappears forever when you close the browser. The layout and all one’s organizational efforts are kaput. Open Firefox again and you get to do it all over again? Maybe I’m just not seeing the utility of it or not understanding how it works but that’s the way it looks to me.

But organizing Bookmarks. That I could use. I keep my bookmarks organized in Folders in a sidebar but a customizable graphical display would be spiffy. Something like a hybrid of Chromes’ idea for the last 8 most used sites and what Panorama does with Tabs.

Instead of a wasting desktop real estate to display your Tab sidebar you’d have a Tab to click with all (or some subset of ) your Bookmarks display in one tab.


This should be an addon. It is resource intensive, and targets a niche market (heavy tabbers). Also, I don’t understand why it hijacked CTRL+E.

Hi Aza, is it possible to undo close of tab groups with CTRL + SHIFT + E after returning to a tab (leaving tab groups). I thought that was an existing feature. I did see “Undo Close” while in tab groups but that didn’t appear when do a CTRL + W and the group wasn’t selected that I can recall doing the test.

Oh well, I didn’t lose anything important in that tab group [sign of relief]. Thank goodness, that I was able to created a new tab group with a new tab, I was able to undo the tabs from that tab group that I closed. I’m trying to recreate the test again.

Hi Aza, is it possible to undo close of tab groups with CTRL + SHIFT + E after returning to a tab (leaving tab groups). I thought that was an existing feature. I did see “Undo Close” while in tab groups but that didn’t appear when do a CTRL + W and the group wasn’t selected that I can recall doing the test.

Oh well, I didn’t lose anything important in that tab group [sign of relief]. [strike]Thank goodness, that I was able to created a new tab group with a new tab, I was able to undo the tabs from that tab group that I closed. [strike] I’m trying to recreate the test again.

Luis Fernando

Hi… I’m playing with panorama feature, and I have a question: Panorama doesn’t remember groups defined sessions before? at least, could be nice that panorama remembers groups previously created, and if I opened a page on next sessions, they put my page on same group.


id like the search to search also in the page body, not only in page titles


I mean.
This is JUST what I have been needing for such a long time.
I saw the little video on tab candy a while back and was so excited. It “clicked” with me instantly. And now I am using it! It is brilliant!
Thank you!


This horrible, horrible junk still keeps eating my tabs at random and there’s still no way to disable it. How hard can that be? You kids had months. It’s tolerable for nightly build users if you can’t get it done in a day or two, but months! Months! You can disable sync. Sync is actually useful. You can disable the hardware acceleration. That has its uses too, even if I prefer it off. But this, no seriously, what is the point? So people with no more than five tabs can masturbatorily swirl them about? When I was young, those kind of weirdoes could use Compiz. But no, can’t have that, need to mess up an innocent browser.
And instead of letting people disable this, you randomly change the non-configurable hotkey for it. Yay. Instead of letting people get their tabs back from the deep gaping hole your silly feature dumps them into, you write epic blawg posts patting yourself on the back for how great a Mac user you are. Your ego makes using Firefox (4) an often very painful experience.


Robert Black

I am an attorney who does extensive web research while I writing my legal pleadings. I use Tab Manager Plus on the prior version of Firefox which I came back to from Chrome.

Tab handling for researchers is very important. The current visual drag and drop tab idea is not fast enough or easy to use when you are doing research. The ability to have at least two tab rows, one for the group and another for the actual tabs in the group is extremely useful. When I research topics like “Fraud”, and “Laches” for instance, I often have the topic tab open and as many as 40 or more cases under the topic. As I write, I can easily click on my topic to fill in the quotes from the Court rulings in my brief.

The new tab handling destroys this feature and does not allow a research user to enjoy the benefit of the huge increase in speed that version 4 gives.

Please, please give us the ability to have Tab rows that will allow sorting the tabs into categories for speed searching.

Thank you.


C. Robert Black, Attorney at Law

Please… add an option:
a need to save the tab groups, so that they can’t be closed or changed (so to use them as bookmarks)…


I have the same request of @Carlo:
please add an option to save the “groups state”…

All of the images and videos are only conceptual mockups of an experimental UI for Firefox Mobile, any particular feature may end up sex izle looking entirely different, porno izle or may not even make it into the final release.

Help! The audio from your video tutorial plays every single time I load Firefox. I can’t see where to stop it, or prevent it. Guidance please! I am using Win2K and the latest Firefox 4 beta 9.

Chenxia Liu

Cool. Nice visual way to manage tabs.

However, it doesn’t add new functionality – what would I like to see?

Put certain workspaces to “sleep.” As in, just close them, and actively open them again when I want them. I often have tons of tabs open, and I keep them open because it’s a pain to bookmark them, or load up addresses after I close them. Add a search bar, and maybe some overflow “desktops sheets” where I can see and wake my “sleeping” workspaces.

Also, more keyboard shortcuts. Of course.


This is just the way I’d like my whole Windows to be managed – from switching applications (cue live window previews, as in Flip 3D!) to launching them (remodelling Start Menu)! Any plans on that? ;P

Seriously, though, the “desktop” area provided for the tabs is too small. If you’re so into zooming, please allow for mousewheel zooming in or out of a larger “virtual desktop” on which groups of tabs will reside.

Also, many more configuration options would be nice. From being able to change the shortcut keys (doh?) to controlling the zooming speed to minimum tab size before they stack, etc etc.


Another feature I’d love is if the pages in a group could visually retain their parent-to-child relationship – so that I could open my mail tab, middle-click several messages, middle-click some attachments, and then move the whole mail mess into a new group (now that it’s grown more than I expected it to) with one drag of the main tab and all the children spawned by it would follow.


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“I’m Aza Raskin. I make shiny things. I simplify.”

Well, now. You’ve made a shiny thing, but it doesn’t simplify anything. It only adds to the bloat and clutter that is Firefox.

There are already dozens of messages telling you how this “candy” panorama is flawed, so I won’t add to that. But what I do find annoying is that there are no replies to anything. So to mee also it seems like a “Ma, look what I did!” kinda thing and you’re not interested in getting feedback from users.

And now that it’s going to be in Firefox for good, it’s not going to change that much. Oh, wait. What am I talking about. This is OSS, of course it can be changed all the time. It’s not like it should be designed, tested BY REAL USERS etc beforehand. Just shove it in, make it consume even more memory, slow down the browser and have a totally useless keyboard “shortcut.” That way it’s possible to say you’ve done something and people won’t even find it so it won’t bother them. Unless it breaks stuff and uses up memory.

So all I can say is great job. What’s the next mainly-useless feature we’ll get?


Allright, seems everyone is heading into the touchscreen direction (Just look at Gnome3 or Ubuntu Unity). Well, time to move on to another browser, I will not use this new shinyness over useability overlay stuff designed for touchscreens.
Byebye Firefox



Cannot even save any tab group that I’ve made? Useless!

Ah, whatever. Bloat, bloat, bloat.
Call ‘m features, I’ll call it bloat.


There should be a way to open a group in a new window, and insert the tabs from an open window as a group to another.

Also I’d like a way to be able to change the shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+E is too much for me, I would prefer the Ctrl+Space that was used in the begining)

Major Disappointment

I’ve been using Firefox since version 0.something, and Panorama is by far the worst thing that has happened to it. I’m sorry.

- There are addons providing much more in the “grouping” department. Sadly, many of those haven’t been yet updated to work properly with FF4.

- Its interface is clumsy and counter-intuitive. Reminds me of some touchscreen phone OS.

- It’s a huge resource hog. Using whole CPU core just to drag a tab group, seriously?

- I’t can’t be disabled now even configured from about:config.

While it may attract more users to firefox because it looks cool, it only decreases productivity. Power users would rather use browse their tab(group)s effectively than waste time organizing/naming them via useless, bloated GUI.

really so popular now?

really good post here


Your zoomable specs document is a great way to see the features of Panorama. It mentions groups within groups but I can’t find how to get that feature to work. Can you advise?


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Wow.. how did you build the interactive section under History & Spec section. It’s so smooth!!!
Any relative links to libraries or technologies that would help make something like that would be greatly appreciated.

Tab Candy looks really candy :))


Dear Aza,
Who in the world uses Panorama?

    I do!
    It’s great! And i’m waiting for more features!

I like your post. Thanks for sharing.


How to disable this “feature”?

I really like ur article, u did nice job and give nice presentation to this post.

How to disable this “feature”?

I really like ur article, u did nice job

Thank you good think like this too…

I could not agree with you more

cool style.

Piers Luis

Your zoomable specs document is a great way to see the features of Panorama. It mentions groups within groups but I can’t find how to get that feature to get far cry 3. Can you advise?

EDIT: Actually, I found my answer! Nvm!

Thanks for good info and great topic.

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I like such topics


Even if you take throbbers into account, this is still the most useless piece of bloat ever added into Firefox.


seriously now, why can’t this be disabled? I mean, that’s the first thing I implement when coding a new “feature”, isn’t it?
Or at least have a way to disable/set the shortcut so I’ll be safe from accidentally “using” it.

Would it defeat the purpose of Panorama to have groups be actual windows? This would give a very obvious visual representation as well as tab into all the functions the OS already provides the user in terms of managing this content.

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