101+ Shades of Red – HEX, RGB, CMYK

Red is a color associated with energy, vitality, and even aggression due to its bold and vibrant connotations. As such, many brands use red to create an impact on their customers. This makes it a particularly great choice for food and retail businesses that wish to encourage consumers to make quick and impulsive purchases.

Additionally, the traditional usage of reds in ancient Egypt and Rome—namely to color women’s lips and cheeks—signifies the long-standing view of this color as a symbol of life, health, and success. Subsequently, many companies opt for red to convey security and trustworthiness.

But regardless of the reasons why you choose to incorporate red into your brand design, bear in mind that it should always be used thoughtfully as this powerful color can easily be misread if placed in an incorrect context.


Color Red Shades

We know that there are times when you may be looking for the perfect shade of red to give a new project or website design that extra pop. Whether your current font needs some added flare or you’re seeking an accent color for a new project, you’ll want to be sure you get the perfect shade of crimson.

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the most commonly used shades of red and provided their exact names, Hex, RGB, and CMYK codes so you can use them as-is or mix and match them to find the best hue.

List of Red Color Shades

When using shades of red, try out different combinations of backgrounds, fonts, shapes, forms, lines, textures, and other elements to see how they interact with one another and bring visual interest to your design project.

With these colors in your collection, you can create something eye-catching in no time!


Hex #FF2400
RGB 255, 36, 0
CMYK 0, 86, 100, 0

Scarlet is a captivating color with a strong association with the bright, orange-red hue of a stunning sunrise. It stands out in any palette with its warm, passionate tone that evokes feelings of excitement and adventure.


Hex #B80F0A
RGB 184, 15, 10
CMYK 0, 92, 95, 28

Crimson is a subtle and sophisticated hue, perfect for interior design. Its rich brick-red tone is set off brilliantly with brown undertones that accentuate its earthy feel. If you’re looking for a color palette to showcase on an interior decorator’s site, then crimson is an excellent choice.

True Red

Hex #FF0000
RGB 255, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 0

If you’re looking for the classic, timeless, and all-around true red color, then look no further. This shade has the simplest, purest representation of the red hue with all its essential qualities that don’t vary depending on the context.

It has a warm appearance when used in combination with colors such as yellow and orange, while it gives off a slightly cooler vibe when complemented by colors like green and blue.

Barn Red

Hex #7C0A02
RGB 124, 10, 2
CMYK 0, 92, 98, 51

Barn Red is a strong, distinctive hue with a hint of rustiness and a lot of warmth. Whether you’re looking to give your barn an authentic, homely feel or you’re after a bold shoe look, this color is definitely something you should consider. It pairs great with the earthy tones of orange and terracotta and can create an eye-catching contrast with lighter shades when used as a background.

Imperial Red

Hex #ED2939
RGB 237, 41, 57
CMYK 0, 83, 76, 7

Imperial Red Shade is the embodiment of warmth and nostalgia. Its vibrant, watermelon tones make it perfect for advertisements or graphic designs with a vintage feel. If you’re looking to make a statement, this bold and distinctive hue provides the perfect palette for your project.

Candy Apple

Hex #FF0800
RGB 255, 8, 0
CMYK 0, 97, 100, 0

Candy Apple shade is a vivid and inviting red with a subtle orange undertone. It’s an ideal choice for toys and sports cars that are intended for boys, as well as decorations associated with the colors of autumn. It’s also an excellent hue to wear if you have blue-toned skin.

Chili Red

Hex #C21807
RGB 194, 24, 7
CMYK 0, 88, 96, 24

Chili Red is a beautiful, vibrant, warm-toned shade of red. If you look closely, you’ll find that it has a subtle saturated brown hue to it which softens the color palette, making it a little more muted and rustic-looking. This cozy color is perfect for pretty much any creative project – paintings, earthenware, home decor – you name it!


Hex #800000
RGB 128, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 50

Maroon is a versatile and timeless hue that can be used in a variety of settings. Its deep red shade radiates warmth and can be a great pick for giving a cozy vibe to fireplaces, beauty salons, and legal services. As it is quite a dark color, it’s perfect as a background color that doesn’t overpower other elements of the design.


Hex #A45A52
RGB 164, 90, 82
CMYK 0, 45, 50, 36

Redwood is a muted shade that looks both sophisticated and casual. It is mostly gray so the red in it has a prominent presence without looking overpowering. When paired with a true gray, its red undertone stands out greatly. In comparison to the other reds in our collection, however, Redwood has a more quiet, almost neutral character.


Hex #7E2811
RGB 126, 40, 17
CMYK 0, 68, 87, 51

This shade combines traditional Vermilion with a subtle addition of earthy brown for a truly eye-catching look. With its lusciously saturated color, it’s the ideal pick for any building project that requires a hint of warmth to stand out.

Light Brick

Hex #FB607F
RGB 251, 96, 127
CMYK 0, 62, 49, 2

Light Brick is the perfect hue to imbue your wardrobe with a classic, eye-catching light red. Without any blue undertones, it remains tasteful and elegant, never veering into pinkish or rosy shades.

Fire Brick

Hex #B22222
RGB 178, 34, 34
CMYK 0, 81, 81, 30

Fire Brick, with its warm, light red hue, is the perfect color to add a subtle but sophisticated flair to any room. Its versatility works great as an accent piece on walls or furniture, making any area feel more inviting. This light red tone pairs nicely with brown, tan, or neutral hues, elevating the look with its inviting out-of-the-box vibe!

Alizarin Crimson

Hex #E32636
RGB 227, 38, 54
CMYK 0, 83, 76, 11

This vivid red shade found in many modern art supplies was named after the colorant alizarin, which was originally derived from the madder plant. The alizarin dye has been used for centuries to give fabrics shades of both red and purple. Fun fact – it is believed that the British Redcoat soldiers’ uniforms were famously dyed with alizarin, hence their nickname “redcoats!”

Harvard Crimson

Hex #A51C30
RGB 165, 28, 48
CMYK 0, 83, 71, 35

No doubt, Harvard University is one of the most renowned centers of learning in the US, and its school colors are infamous as well. For starters, they only recognize one color as Harvard Crimson: a slightly purplish deep red color. All associated logos of the university feature this color, and it’s the sole official hue recognized by them.

Even if the color may vary between different displays and devices, Harvard Crimson remains exclusively representative of the university’s identity.

Pastel Red

Hex #FF6961 
RGB 255, 105, 97 
CMYK 0, 59, 62, 0

Pastel Red is not a shade you can spot on the usual color wheel. It stands apart from other reddish hues and has a much gentler feel. That’s because it’s made up of a high value, which is related to how light or dark the color appears, and a low saturation.

Comparing it to other pastels, you can see that pastel red has a far less ‘tacky’ look, appearing paler than a bright pink or orange.

Radical Red

Hex #FF355E 
RGB 255, 53, 94 
CMYK 0, 79, 63, 0

Looking to add a bit of oomph to your painting? Then Radical Red is just what you need for that. It’s a special shade of red that has a touch of something extra: a tinge of blue that gives the red hues a pronounced vibrancy. This smidge of blue pigment makes all the difference in creating the perfect Radical Red which stands out from the crowd.

Because of its unique color combination, Radical Red appears slightly closer to purple than other red hues.


Hex #EA3C53
RGB 234, 60, 83
CMYK 0, 74, 65, 8

If you’re looking for a muted, subtle hue to add to your color palette, Desire is a great choice. It shares some similarities with salmon, but with one or two drops of blue infused into the mix, it comes across as fairly neutral. With its warm undertones and light pastel shade, this color works particularly well when contrasted against cooler tones such as grays, charcoals, and whites.


Hex #7E191B
RGB 126, 25, 27
CMYK 0, 80, 79, 51

Vermilion is a deep, earthy shade of red, with a slightly metallic hue. It’s a color that instantly grabs the eye, and its rustic feel makes it an excellent choice for interior decor. Aside from this, it also has a powerful cooling effect on warmer tans and golden browns. If you’re looking to add a touch of grandeur to your space, this is the perfect way to do it.


Hex #B43757
RGB 180, 55, 87
CMYK 0, 69, 52, 29

Hibiscus is a beautiful mauvy-red with a slight purpley-blue undertone to it. It’s the perfect hue for creating a sense of serenity and security as if you’re wrapped in an invisible cloak of comfort. This color can be found in many different places, from the petals of lilacs to the packaging of luxurious skin care products and the tubes of dreamy lipsticks.

Garnet Red

Hex #733635
RGB 115, 54, 53 
CMYK 0, 53, 54, 55

Garnet Red is a remarkably captivating color with deep maroon-like hues that can be easily appreciated by anyone who has seen it. Its resonance is deep and loving and its soft hues bring feelings of warmth and comfort.

Indian Red

Hex #CD5C5C
RGB 205, 92, 92
CMYK 0, 55, 55, 20

Indian Red is a subtle yet elegant shade! Its light tone gives it the natural, warm look of clay, with the extra spark of cool undertones which make it particularly interesting to the eye. It works especially well in home decor – it is the perfect tone to bring in a sense of calmness and serenity to any room.


Hex #960018
RGB 150, 0, 24
CMYK 0, 100, 84, 41

Carmine is a ravishing, sumptuous shade of deep rose-red with a cool undertone. It is the epitome of graceful femininity that is a wonderful choice for many women’s products. Its depth and intensity provide an elegance that is equally suitable for both evening gowns and evening bags.

Fire Engine Red

Hex #CE2029
RGB 206, 32, 41 
CMYK 0, 84, 80, 19

Fire engines, almost everywhere, are painted a particularly bright shade of red. Generally, this is referred to as “Fire Engine Red” and is designed to be so noticeable that it can grab the attention of other drivers and alert them of an emergency situation. This shade of red has become a symbol of urgency and warning in the roadways and is likely to activate our instinctive urge to get out of the way.


Hex #CA3433
RGB 202, 52, 51
CMYK 0, 74, 75, 21

Persian is a hue that provides a vibrant touch to your interior design. It is a true and intense red without any blue or yellow hues. Depending on the light, it may look more vivid or go more toward a medium tone. A cool chocolate brown and a pale tan will look fantastic when combined with this shade.

Falu Red

Hex #801818 
RGB 128, 24, 24 
CMYK 0, 81, 81, 50

Barndoors, sheds, and even houses often all share the same shade of deep and warm red. If you’ve ever been curious and thought to yourself “that’s some barn red I’m looking at!” then let us enlighten you – the color you’re actually looking at is called Falu Red.

This specific shade of red is based on a certain pigment, which explains why it is almost always used for outbuildings, stables, and other rustic-type structures.


Hex #E0115F
RGB 224, 17, 95
CMYK 0, 92, 58, 12

Ruby is a warm and vibrant shade of pink, perfect for websites and platforms directed at women or mothers. With its bright tone and soft femininity, it can be used to add a noticeable yet gentle touch to your designs. It is likely to bring about a sense of joy and optimism to any website or advertisement aimed at your female audience.

Amaranth Red

Hex #F4364C
RGB 244, 54, 76
CMYK 0, 78, 69, 4

Amaranth blossoms are small, ravishingly red jewels that often bear a far less attractive moniker – pigweed. The seeds of these plants can be roasted and eaten on their own or even added to confectioneries for a boost in flavor. The blooms of the amaranth, however, represent its true beauty – providing the world with one of the most formidable natural coloring agents out there – Amaranth Red.


Hex #D21F3C
RGB 210, 31, 60
CMYK 0, 85, 71, 18

Raspberry is a beguiling hue of red. Not too cool, not too warm, it’s a medium-toned blush that looks stunning in any setting – be it a living room, a website background, or an outfit. It consists of a warm base but with a dash of blue that renders the color quite neutral and versatile.

Electric Crimson

Hex #FF003F
RGB 255, 0, 63 
CMYK 0, 100, 75, 0

Electric Crimson is essentially the same tone as the traditional crimson shade we’re used to seeing. It’s just been given a bit of a twist by adding a tinge of blue to it. The combination of the two colors helps create a look that is more lively and energetic than the classic crimson we’re accustomed to.

In comparison to its original namesake, Electric Crimson stands out more and carries an extra spark of liveliness and vitality.

Rufous Red

Hex #A81C07 
RGB 168, 28, 7 
CMYK 0, 83, 96, 34

In the past, rufous was a common adjective to describe anything that was red, from medical ailments to fabrics. But today it’s more often used in relation to certain types of animals that have a deep, rich red hue on their feathers or skin.

This “Rufous Red” is typically seen in warm, vibrant tones and can be extremely striking when it comes to specimens such as birds or reptiles.


Hex #5E1914
RGB 94, 25, 20
CMYK 0, 73, 79, 63

Sangria is a versatile, sophisticated shade of red that has a lot of depth and charm. It features a structured reddish-brown hue with striking blue undertones that add an unexpected coolness. As a result, it can be used in a variety of ways to enliven home decor.

Consider using it as a strong yet calming backdrop against which you can pair classic browns or create contrast with crisp whites and navy blues.

Flame Red

Hex #E25822
RGB 226, 88, 34 
CMYK 0, 61, 85, 11

When you find yourself sitting close to a campfire late at night, you can’t help but be mesmerized by the dazzling sights. On one side, the flickering sparks dance around like fireflies in the night sky. On the other side, you’re captivated by the vivid colors of the flames, ranging from bright yellows and oranges to deep blues and violets.


Hex #FF2800
RGB 255, 40, 0
CMYK 0, 84, 100, 0

Ferrari Red shade is one of the most distinctive colors you can imagine. It screams powerful vibes and oozes passion with its passionate, glossy orange-red shade. This eye-catching color can be an unexpected hit in any space, especially if combined with black, blue, or turquoise.

Crayola Red

Hex #EE204D
RGB 238, 32, 77 
CMYK 0, 87, 68, 7

Crayola has a vast selection of gorgeous, vibrant reds within every pack of crayons. But perhaps the most beloved, iconic tone is the one that was actually crafted by the company itself and named “Crayola Red” – an eye-catching, cheerful shade that brands all the ‘true red’ pigments of the company. It’s a cherry, attention-grabbing color that has become almost symbolic of creative children’s expressions and the joy they bring.


Hex #8D021F
RGB 141, 2, 31
CMYK 0, 99, 78, 45

Burgundy is a stunningly intense shade of red with lots of blue undertones. It makes for the perfect rosy hue that stands out on its own. You can go totally minimalistic and pair it up with classic charcoal gray and brilliant white to make sure your decor is not overly busy.

To mix it up a bit, you can add contrast with oranges and warm browns to create the kind of palette you’d typically find in an autumnal setting.


Hex #420D09
RGB 66, 13, 9
CMYK 0, 80, 86, 74

The warm and inviting mahogany is a classic brown color, with a hint of red throughout. Its reddish hues give the color added depth and complexity. To make the most of this particular shade, we recommend pairing it with cooler medium tans, as the contrast will give your project or space visual interest.

Auburn Red

Hex #A52A2A
RGB 165, 42, 42
CMYK 0, 75, 75, 35

The color auburn is, quite simply, an enchanting and mesmerizing shade of dark reddish-brown. It has the perfect balance of brightly lit tones and deep earthy shades that create an iconic color found among many different cultures. Auburn also describes a unique kind of hair color that has become widely popular since the 19th century.


Hex #933A16
RGB 147, 58, 22
CMYK 0, 61, 85, 42

Rust is the perfect hue to warm up a space and add a touch of classic sophistication to a room. Its main characteristic – a light brown tone with yellow undertones – makes it incredibly versatile. The joy of this color is that it works with almost any other shade of the rainbow, from the softest neutrals to the brightest jewel tones.

Rusty Red

Hex #DA2C43
RGB 218, 44, 67 
CMYK 0, 80, 69, 15

Rust is a compound formed by the reaction of iron and oxygen, usually catalyzed by the presence of moisture. As the iron oxidizes in this reaction, the metal will take on a distinctive red-brown hue that can significantly weaken its structural integrity.

This color tells a story of wear and tear over time and is aptly captured in Rusty Red. It exudes a timeless, lived-in warmth that adds depth and character to any space.

Jasper Red

Hex #D73B3E 
RGB 215, 59, 62 
CMYK 0, 73, 71, 16

Jasper is a type of Chalcedony—a semiprecious stone—whose defining feature is its mottled composition. Unlike its sister stone, carnelian, Jasper often contains trace elements and impurities in the form of visible bands running through it. That said, it remains a highly sought-after material that sometimes exhibits a bright orange-red hue—hence the term “Jasper Red.”


Hex #FA8072
RGB 250, 128, 114
CMYK 0, 49, 54, 2

Salmon is a delightful shade that instantly evokes a sense of safety and security. Its coral undertone gives the color a warm, embracing energy that radiates the nurturing vibes essential to mothers and baby-care professionals.

As such, it’s the perfect choice of color for websites aimed at these audiences. The gentle yellow tints in salmon help to create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, as if one is wrapped in a cozy blanket.

Light Salmon

Hex #FFA07A
RGB 255, 160, 122
CMYK 0, 37, 52, 0

Light Salmon has a soft, almost muted hue – the perfect blend of pale orange and pink. Its slightly subdued warmth comes from enough red to make it blush, whilst a zesty yellow twang gives it its depth. Incredibly versatile, this color works flawlessly in everything from traditional Mexican themes to contemporary chic. Accent it with lime green for an eye-popping pop of joyous Southwestern flavor.

Dark Salmon

Hex #E9967A
RGB 233, 150, 122
CMYK 0, 36, 48, 9

Dark Salmon is a rare and beautiful hue that should be used sparingly in interior design or web design. Confine its usage to a single accent color and combine it with neutral tans or light browns.

As a general rule, you should use caution when introducing this shade in your projects, as it could clash with other colors you’ve chosen and produce an uneven result.

Lava Red

Hex #CF1020
RGB 207, 16, 32
CMYK 0, 92, 85, 19

If you’ve ever been tantalized by the captivating hue of molten rock cascading from a volcano, it’s likely you’ve been drawn to the heat and vivacity of Lava Red. This passionate and passionate color is inspired by its namesake, erupting magma. But unlike the fierce temperament of its source, this shade allows you to bring home the beauty of lava without any of the danger – so you can bring it to your wardrobe or interior design without risking your safety.

Prismatic Red

Hex #D03D33
RGB 208, 61, 51
CMYK 0, 71, 75, 18

Prismatic Red is a true shade of vibrant red that combines the brightness of bright red and the softness of light red. It doesn’t have any yellow or blue tinting, so it works well for sites that are meant to be more informational than ornamental. Anybody looking for a suitable monochromatic hue should give Prismatic Red a try.

Prismatic Legacy

Hex #BA1607
RGB 186, 22, 7
CMYK 0, 88, 96, 27

In the case of Prismatic Legacy, you’re dealing with a subtle combination of two classic shades – red and orange. It is a saturated take on similar colors, as it’s almost a true red but with softer, warm undertones that make it appear slightly tomato-like.

Its color clarity adds character to it, making it perfect for a color that can be used not only for things related to femininity but also for construction or masculine themes.

Prismatic Vermilion Renewal

Hex #CA0123
RGB 202, 1, 35
CMYK 0, 100, 83, 21

If you’re looking for a timeless and elegant red that speaks to the eye, the Prismatic Vermilion Renewal shade is the way to go. It’s a blend of true red with a hint of cool blue, which adds depth and sophistication. Think of it as the new classic: timeless yet modern. Plus, it looks gorgeous on any skin tone!

Prismatic Reflection

Hex #FF3C28
RGB 255, 60, 40
CMYK 0, 76, 84, 0

Prismatic Reflection shade exudes an aura of warmth and nostalgia, reminding one of the vintage looks of classic farmhouses. The hue is a unique blend of true red and light red, possessing a subtle undertone of vibrant yellow that gives it an almost orange tinge.

Whether you are looking for a color to create an ambiance of lived-in comfort and classic nostalgia, or to complete a vintage décor, this shade is sure to fit the bill.

Orange Red

Hex #FF4500
RGB 255, 69, 0
CMYK 0, 73, 100, 0

Orange Red is a usually vibrant combination of vibrant oranges and calming reds, making it a great choice for bright accentuating. However, because of its intensity, it’s recommended that you keep it to isolated portions of the color palette.

Consider using it in comparison to a neutral main color, in addition to another neutral accent color. That way, you won’t be at risk of it consuming too much visual attention!


Hex #FF6347
RGB 255, 99, 71
CMYK 0, 61, 72, 0

Tomato shade is a light red hue with an unmistakable orange undertone. Many people choose it to add a bit of warmth to their color scheme without going overboard with overly bright shades of orange.

You can use it as a contrast to golden brown tones and yellows to create a beautiful palette. Its tranquil yet lively presence will also bring life to your designs if you use it solely as an accent color.

Spanish Red

Hex #E60026
RGB 230, 0, 38 
CMYK 0, 100, 83, 10

Spanish Red, also known as Rojo español, is a color of deep, beautiful richness that signifies the nature of the Spanish landscape. Primarily due to the high concentrations of hematite and iron in many places in Spain, this stunning red is a common sight in Spanish architecture, often on roofs and inside buildings.

This bold, vibrant color is unique to Spain and adds an undeniable beauty to the surrounding area and gives off a strong Spanish vibe.

Light Coral

Hex #F08080
RGB 240, 128, 128
CMYK 0, 47, 47, 6

Light Coral is a pastel shade of pink that gets its name from its resemblance to the color of coral in the sea. When using light coral to decorate your home or website, it works best when paired with other colors from the cool end of the spectrum.

Try combining light coral with taupes and dark tans to achieve a soothing, yet stylish look. This muted hue is often seen in home decorating and web design as it adds a touch of soft femininity!

Blood Red

Hex #660000
RGB 102, 0, 0 
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 60

Blood red is a color that accurately reflects the vivid hues of the human body’s most important fluid. Those deeper, darker tones of red may appear intimidating, but the same exact hue courses through our veins. This deep and dark red can be seen in our veins as well, despite the common misconception that their appearance is more purple or blue.

Dark Red

Hex #8B0000
RGB 139, 0, 0
CMYK 0, 100, 100, 45

Dark Red is a dramatic take on traditional red, making it an excellent choice for many color combinations. Due to its lack of undertones – neither blue nor yellow – this color will work well with both cool and warm tones. It’s basically like a chameleon, taking on different hues when used in different color palettes.

Cinnabar Red

Hex #E44D2E
RGB 228, 77, 46 
CMYK 0, 66, 80, 11

Cinnabar is a mineral that boasts a unique reddish-brown hue. It was highly sought-after by the ancient Romans, who prized it for its content of mercury sulfide. The natural mineral has been mined for centuries, contributing to the rise of industrialization; prior to this, cinnabar was one of the most abundant sources of mercury ore.

Pale Violet Red

Hex #DB7093
RGB 219, 112, 147
CMYK 0, 49, 33, 14

If you’re looking for a warmer color to brighten up a cool, blue pallet without being too obvious, Pale Violet Red is the perfect hue. It looks much more purple than it is in reality and appears much redder in comparison to a true bluish violet. This can be used to soften and add depth to brick reds and warm browns, making them look more vibrant.


Hex #FF00FF
RGB 255, 0, 255 
CMYK 0, 100, 0, 0

Fuchsia is a striking, beautiful color that has been around for centuries. Deriving its name from Leonhart Fuchs, the 16th-century German botanist, it was originally obtained through the flowers of the fuchsia plant. During the 1800s, it was widely used as a dye and has now become one of the most sought-after paint colors.

Lust Red

Hex #E62020
RGB 230, 32, 32 
CMYK 0, 86, 86, 10

If you’re looking for the perfect shade to reflect the spark of a newfound infatuation, Lust Red is for you. This distinctive hue is as passionate as it is playful, as alluring as it is aspirational. From the glittering illumination of a grand theater to the luminous lipsticks lining the shelves of any cosmetics store, Lust Red is an extremely popular color whose captivating energy can be seen everywhere.

Other Notable Shades of Red

UP Maroon#7B1113123, 17, 190, 86, 85, 52
Wine Red#722F37114, 47, 550, 59, 52, 55
Cardinal Red#C41E3A196, 30, 580, 85, 70, 23
English Red#AB4B52171, 75, 820, 56, 52, 33
Medium Vermillion#D9603B217, 96, 590, 56, 73, 15
Venetian Red#C80815200, 8, 210, 96, 89, 22
Tuscan Red#7C3030124, 48, 480, 61, 61, 51
Carnelian Red#B31B1B179, 27, 270, 85, 85, 30
Sanguine Red#BC3F4A188, 63, 740, 66, 61, 26
Russet Red#80461B128, 70, 270, 45, 79, 50
Coke Red#F40009244, 0, 90, 100, 96, 4
Arsenal Red#DB0007219, 0, 70, 100, 97, 14
Prune Red#701C1C112, 28, 280, 75, 75, 56
Red Devil#860111134, 1, 170, 99, 87, 47
Terracotta Red#E2725B226, 114, 910, 50, 60, 11
Outrageous Orange Red#FF6E4A255, 110, 740, 57, 71, 0
Coquelicot Red#FF3800255, 56, 00, 78, 100, 0
Light Red Ochre#E97451233, 116, 810, 50, 65, 9
Virgin Lust Red#E4181E228, 24, 300, 89, 87, 11
Turkey Red#A91101169, 17, 10, 90, 99, 34
Rosewood Red#65000B101, 0, 110, 100, 89, 60
Cerise Red#DE3163222, 49, 990, 78, 55, 13
Folly Red#FF004F255, 0, 790, 100, 69, 0
Hollywood Cerise Red#F400A1244, 0, 1610, 100, 34, 4
Japanese Carmine#9D2933157, 41, 510, 74, 68, 38
Portland Orange Red#FF5A36255, 90, 540, 65, 79, 0
Almost Apricot Red#E5B39B229, 179, 1550, 22, 32, 10
Tractor Red#FD0E35253, 14, 530, 94, 79, 1
Upsdell Red#AE2029174, 32, 410, 82, 76, 32
Cordovan Red#893F45137, 63, 690, 54, 50, 46
French Puce Red#4E160978, 22, 90, 72, 88, 69
Husker Red#E41C38228, 28, 560, 88, 75, 11
Liverpool Red#C8102E200, 16, 460, 92, 77, 22
Tea Rose Red#F88379248, 131, 1210, 47, 51, 3
Red Sox#BD3039189, 48, 570, 75, 70, 26
Pinterest Red#E60023230, 0, 350, 100, 85, 10
Oxblood Red#800020128, 0, 320, 100, 75, 50
NCS Red#C40233196, 2, 510, 99, 74, 23
Tango Red#E4717A228, 113, 1220, 50, 46, 11
Chiefs Red#E31837227, 24, 550, 89, 76, 11
Fuzzy Wuzzy Red#CC6666204, 102, 1020, 50, 50, 20
MIT Red#A31F34163, 31, 520, 81, 68, 36
Persian Rose Red#FE28A2254, 40, 1620, 84, 36, 0
Nationals Red#AB0003171, 0, 30, 100, 98, 33
Penn Red#990000153, 0, 00, 100, 100, 40
Tawny Red#CD5700205, 87, 00, 58, 100, 20
Pigment Red#ED1C24237, 28, 360, 88, 85, 7
Munsell Red#F2003C242, 0, 600, 100, 75, 5
Arizona Cardinals Red#BD2031189, 32, 490, 83, 74, 26
LA Angels Red#BA0021186, 0, 330, 100, 82, 27
Pigment Magenta#FF0090255, 0, 1440, 100, 44, 0
Bittersweet Shimmer Red#BF4F51191, 79, 810, 59, 58, 25
Alabama Crimson#9E1B32158, 27, 500, 83, 68, 38
Jelly Bean Red#DA614E218, 97, 780, 56, 64, 15
CG Red#E03C31224, 60, 490, 73, 78, 12
Manchester United Red#DA291C218, 41, 280, 81, 87, 15
Chocolate Cosmos Red#58111A88, 17, 260, 81, 70, 65
American Rose#FF033E255, 3, 620, 99, 76, 0
Cadmium Red#E30022227, 0, 340, 100, 85, 11
BU Scarlet#CC0000204, 0, 00, 100, 100, 20
Madder Red#A50021165, 0, 330, 100, 80, 35
Ajax Red#D2122E210, 18, 460, 91, 78, 18
Kenyan Copper Red#7C1C05124, 28, 50, 77, 96, 51
Cincinnati Red#C6011F198, 1, 310, 99, 84, 22
Bills Red#C60C30198, 12, 480, 94, 76, 22
Airbnb Red#FF5A5F255, 90, 950, 65, 63, 0
Medium Violet Red#C71585199, 21, 1330, 89, 33, 22
Popstar Red#BE4F62190, 79, 980, 58, 48, 25
Oklahoma Crimson#841617132, 22, 230, 83, 83, 48
Phillies Red#E81828232, 24, 400, 90, 83, 9
A Complete List of all the shades and tints of Red Color