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Is A Creative Commons for Privacy Possible?

There was a lot of great feedback for my post Making Privacy Policies Not Suck. We are now in conversation with a whole slew of industry leaders and deep thinkers in the area of privacy (Lorrie Cranor, Jonathan Zittrain, Lauren Gelman, Ryan Calo to name a few).

With all of the work that’s been done before us, I wanted to touch on some of the way our thinking and position breaks from the mold.

Bolt On Approach

Privacy policies and Terms of Services are complex documents that encapsulate a lot of situation-specific detail. The Creative Commons approach is to reduce the complexity of sharing to a small number of licenses from which you choose. That simply doesn’t work here: there are too many edge-cases and specifics that each company has to put into their privacy policy. There can be no catch-all boiler-plate. We seem to have lost before we begun. There’s another approach.

Here’s where we stand: Companies need to write their own privacy policies/terms of service, replete with company-specific detail. Why? Because a small number of licenses can’t capture the required complexity. The problem is that for everyday people, reading and understanding those necessarily custom privacy policies is time consuming and nigh impossible.

Here’s the solution: Create a set of easily-understood Privacy Icons that “bolt on to” a privacy policy. When you add a Privacy Icon to your privacy policy it says the equivalent of “No matter what the rest of this privacy policy says, the following is true and preempts anything else in this document…”. The Privacy Icon makes an iron-clad guarantee about some portion of how a company treats your data. For example, if a privacy policy includes the icon for “None of your data is sold or shared with 3rd parties”, then no matter what the privacy policy says in the small print, it gets preempted by the icon and the company is legally bound to never sharing or selling your data. Of course, the set of icons still needs to be decided (we’ll be having a workshop on the 27th of January to help figure it out).

This method means that without ever having to delve into the details, everyday people can glance at the simple icons atop a privacy to know if and how their data is being used. At the same time, it gives companies the flexibility required to create comprehensive and meaningful policies. We’ve found a way past the deadlock.

Nobody Will Use the Bad Icons?

Some of the Privacy Icons will have potentially a bad normative value, like the icon that indicates your data may be sold to third parties. The icon might even look scary. The question becomes, why would any company display such an icon in their privacy policy? Wouldn’t they instead opt to not use the Privacy Icons at all? This is the largest problem facing the Privacy Icons idea. Aren’t we are creating an incentive system whereby good companies/services will display Privacy Icons and bad companies/services will not?

If Privacy Icons become widely adopted (and I think Mozilla is in a unique position to help make that happen) then the correlation of good companies using the icons and bad companies not using the icons becomes rather strong. If a privacy policy doesn’t include any icons it’s synonymous with that policy making no guarantees for not using your data for evil. The absence of Privacy Icons becomes stigmatic.

Note that Mozilla has not yet decided to integrate this into product yet.

Asking people to notice the absence of something is asking the implausible. People don’t generally don’t notice an absence; just a presence. The solution hinges on Privacy Icons being machine readable and Firefox being used by 350 million people world-wide. If Firefox encounters a privacy policy that doesn’t have Privacy Icons, we’ll automatically display the icons with the poorest guarantees: you’re data may be sold to 3rd parties, your data may be stored indefinitely, and your data may be turned over to law enforcement without a warrant, etc. This way, companies are incentivized to use Privacy Icons and thereby be bound to protecting your privacy appropriately. With Firefox growing past 25% market share, we are in a position to affect critical-mass adoption.

There are other options as well; like crowdsourcing tentative Privacy Icons for a website whose privacy policy does have icons yet (and deferring to the company’s as soon as they put them up).

Lawyer Selected, Reader Approved

Since it’s release, Creative Commons has continually pared down the number of licenses it provides and is now down to just two icons, one with two states and one with three. It has to be so simple because everyday people choose their own license. Privacy Icons don’t have that constraint. A qualified lawyer chooses what icons to bind to their privacy policy, and so there can be substantially more icons to choose from allowing the creation of a rich privacy story. As long as the icons are understandable by an everyday person, we are golden.

Next Steps

This blog post lays out the groundwork for how we are thinking about crafting Privacy Icons. We still need to figure out what the icons and their states will actually be (as well as if this approach makes sense). Ahead of the Federal Trade Commision Privacy Roundtable, we will be hosting a workshop to discuss and creating solutions (or at least next steps) toward a more meaningful privacy framework over the web.

Update: The workshop was a huge success. You can see the outcome here.

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