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Firefox Proposal: A Better New Tab Screen

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to design interfaces at scale. The amount of time saved when the tasks we do often are streamlined is staggering when multiplied by a quarter of a billion users. At the moment, I’m interested in what we can streamline in the new-tab workflow.

Right now, when you open a new tab, you get a blank screen. While clean, it has a 100% probability of not getting you where what you want to be. While it’s good to not intimidate with an explosion of information, we can get a much more streamlined workflow—thereby saving huge amounts of aggregate time—by showing something. The question is, “What?”.

Let’s look at using the power of context and contextual actions to enhance the browsing experience through a smarter new tab. The main goals are to:

(1) Simplify common actions. Right now to use some text you’ve selected on a page, you have to copy the text, open a new tab, go to a new web service, paste it in, execute, wait for the page load, and the go back to the other tab. If the browser knows you’ve just selected an address and then opened a tab, it knows you’ll probably want to map it. Let’s give the user one-click access to map it.

(2) Streamline your habits. If you always visit TechCrunch after reading Slashdot, the browser can offer you one-click navigation from the new tab.

(3) Super-charge search. You often go to a new tab to start a search action: Make that front and center. Additionally, we can save the user’s time by integrate all of the services I care about (like my mail, delicious, and the web) into one search box.

Here’s a video explaining the concept:

Thoughts: How I Arrived Here

90% of the time, when I hope a new tab it’s do do a search. Why not put a search box there? The search could be Google or Yahoo or whatever your favorite provider is. As the browser, we can automatically detect this by just watching where you do your searches&mash;as the browser we can be smart. Let’s mix the results of the search engine with the results of the Awesome Bar. There are lots of ways of doing this: an easy way is to have the suggestions be from the awesome bar, and if you don’t select something from the awesome bar, you just get a search from the search provider.

Now we are starting to get a compelling use story. You pop-open a new tab, start typing, and you’ll either pull something up from your own browsing history, or get dropped to a search of exactly what you need. We can extend this further by integrating the suggestions with third-party data, like your Del.icio.us bookmarks, your email, and your Flickr stream. (This is one direction that Weave can help us move).

One of the cool things that only the browser can do is have zero-configuration 3rd-party value-adds. Because the browser knows which sites you use, and whether you are logged into them, it can seamlessly upgrade your experience by providing services from those sites (like the ability to search your mail). No configuration required, yet no privacy violated. This ability is used in both Ubiquity and Ambient News.

A critique I’m expecting is, “Most of what’s being proposed here can largely be accomplished by using the Awesome Bar”. While that’s partially true, putting search in the new tab space has two main benefits: (1) It makes sense to help a wider audience be more efficient by putting time-saving features in the path of their current work flow; (2) because we are in full HTML-space, there is a greater degree of flexibility in what can be displayed and interacted with.

That takes care of the generic search case.

Contextual Actions

Most of the rest of the time, I’m opening up a new tab to take some text I’ve just copied to do something to it. Like opening a map.

If we detect that some text has just been copied in one tab, we can suggest some actions based on it in the new tab: mapping, adding it to the calendar, etc. We can autodetect what type of text is selected. If the user is going to do something all the time, might as well make no or low cost. (We can also just display the map instead of suggesting the action &mash; but that raises privacy concerns of sharing your selection when you don’t mean to.)

Mockup by Aza Raskin

Contextual Sequences

The last thing I often do is to open a tab as I go through a sequence of browsing. For instance, I generally open Google Calendar after opening Gmail; or go to TechCrunch and Reddit after reading Slashot. As the browser, we can detect these high-probability events and suggest the action in the new tab to streamline your work-flow. Similarly, we can also suggest pages based on the time of day. For example, before I go home in the evening, I always check the bus schedule; in the morning, I always check the comments on my blog. My browser knows that, and can help me out.

Another example of a contextual sequence is that whenever I select and copy a single word, I always open up Dictionary.com to look it up. We learn from that pattern and make it a one-click action. Alternatively, we can show the most oft visited sites as a sort of zero-configuration version of Opera’s speed dial.

Mockup by Alex Faaborg

Mozilla Labs’ Atul Varma has recently released an Ambient News extension, that applies much of this ambient-information thinking to the new-tab workflow. It’s a compelling zero-configuration zero-cost look at rethinking RSS.


What I like about all of these is that they are zero-cost benefits. We, as the browser, can make wrong guesses and the worst offense we’re committing is adding visual clutter. There is never a real penalty to the user, yet the benefits when right are substantial.

My hunch is that some of the concepts here go overboard and would end up being more hindrance than help. Nothing here needs to be taken wholesale. Feel free to mix-and-match. This post is meant as a way to start discussion.


Many many thanks to Alex Faaborg, Jenny Boriss, Wei Zhou,and Mike Beltzner, and Atul Varma for brainstorming, inspiring, and refining.

Get Involved

This video and post were made as part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series (which means everything here is released as share-alike attribution CC). The post presents just a few things you can do to improve the new-tab experience. They are by no means the only direction we should think about for Firefox, and we won’t necessarily do any of them. What other ideas do people have? The over-arching concept here is zero-cost interfaces. Interfaces that work at scale.

Participate by leaving a comment and making your own artifacts. I’m especially interested in videos, although anything that continues the discussion is great. They don’t have to be high-tech, fancy, or polished. You don’t have to be a “computer” person. No code is required. You can just stand in front of a camera, hold up bits of paper with sketches, and talk. The goal is to convince a wider community that your idea is awesome. Just post your videos on Vimeo, tag them “mozconcept”, and put them as a comment on this post.

If you are a code person and want to help turn these concepts into an extension, give me an email at aza [at] mozilla [dot] com.

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There used to be a preference to open your homepage when opening a tab instead of about:blank (maybe there still is; I couldn’t find it). This is very similar to that in many ways.

I remember hearing a lot of complaints from people that doing so was just “Mozilla trying to make more money” or, more rationally, “Too cluttered”. The mockups (particularly faaborg’s) are light on graphics and colors, which helps a bit, but I still wonder if it’d get annoying to see that page all the time. I know I’ll likely stick with a blank page, but I’m interested to try other things.

    çağdaş bi dostluk için uzay çağını doyasıya yaşamak için bu paylaşımlar süper


I’m following all these new proposed concepts with excitement but this one I must say that I’m sorry but I don’t really see a lot of gains with it.

When I open a new tab today, the focus moves to the location bar and I’m able to get that awesomeness together with the whatever search if that’s how I have it configured. Why move the same functionality as you already have in the location bar to the new tab page?

Also if I want my selected content for an action I would much rather see a concept like operator or webchunks. Both of these will actually cut another step in the process, namely the one we are talking about, open new tab.

Finally if I want to get a lot of information/functionality when opening a new tab, then similar to other browsers, let me open my webpage of choice with plenty of options, like iGoogle or Pageflakes.

I like my new tab fast and lean, and I fail to see the point of replicating parts of the interface in other places, but others might see it differently.

Keep up with the concepts!!


Have you seen Firefox Journal ? It’s very similar, though not nearly as ambitious.


Please keep the new tab screen empty, as it is now. Those who really want to swim in a flood of information can achieve this in other ways (like opening the home page in a new tab, etc.). The rest of us would just get a headache from this.

Ami Ganguli

I think this is a great idea as long as it’s kept light-weight. If the new page is rendered entirely by the browser (no delay for network access) then I don’t see any down side at all, but significant upside for common use-cases.

There are some big differences between this and just giving the Awesome-bar focus when you open a new tab:

1. the additional possibilities if somebody has just copied text (I would also treat highlighted text the same way).

2. you have to type something or click on the down-arrow to get something out of the awesome bar, whereas this would just be there without effort.

3. the amount of screen real-estate available allows for a nice presentation of options, and more flexibility. Especially options like mapping or creating calendar events would clutter up the Awesome bar, but fit cleanly on a nice big blank page.

… Ami.

“If we detect that some text has just been copied in one tab, we can suggest some actions based on it in the new tab: mapping, adding it to the calendar, etc. We can autodetect what type of text is selected.”

How are you going to analyse this data in +50 languages? the ‘autodetect’. I think you are underestimating the technical challenge it is to semantically analyze plain text.


I’m a big fan of the ideas you keep chucking out, this one especially. As a way of extending the blank tab knowing that you visit site y/z after site x, how about it knowing what sites you visit at what time of the day. It would be fantastic if the following could happen:
- It’s 8am and I open Firefox.
- My home page is a blank tab.
- It knows it’s 8am and that I usually open sites a,b and c at this time of the morning.
- The blank tab offers to open them in tabs.
- Winner!
Just a thought…


This is really incredibly stupid.

If you think that 90% of the time a new tab is opened for searching …



Instead I have to install Tab Mix Plus to do this.

If those in Mozilla Labs have so much time on their hands that this is the best they can come up with, I’m worried about the future of the ‘fox.

Why not try fixing something that is really broken, like the lack of a native WYSIWYG editor in Firefox? 90% (well what they hell since we’re making up statistics and rolling them into assertions, I might as well join the party) of users on the web will type something into the web. I think there’s this thing going on now called bl .. ogging or something. Not sure that’s the right name, but it seems quite popular now. Have you heard of it? Thought you might have. How about a decent WYSYWIG text editor to enable stuff like … oh I dunno, standards supporting text editing? Or has Mozilla limited it’s standards support to whatever is compiled into the browser binary rather than the content spewed into the digital ether via Firefox?

See I wanted to make the “via” in the above paragraph emphasized. Can I? Who knows, this is a crappy little comment textarea, not a texteditor!

It’s funny how those in the Mozilla camp managed to wake up for a few moments and realise that enabling better contributions via Firefox is important enough to justify spell checking. Strangely enough every other application in the history of computing allows text input has provided cut/copy/paste/bold/emphasize/lists BEFORE they enabled spell checking.

Is that telling you something?

Please stop trying to cook up new ideas in the “labs” and build basic WYSIWYG editing into the browser; and just in case you’re wondering if JS WYSIWYG editors are good enough, the answer is clearly: hell no!


I may be unusual, but nearly always, when I open a new tab, I do one of the following things:

1) Perform a search. Often, I’ll use the hotkeys I can configure in my search tools, so a huge proportion of new tabs around opened like this

ctrl-t (new tab)
w – enter (look up something on wikipedia)

I don’t typically use the search box.

2) Access a frequently used application. For example

ctrl-t (new tab)
gm-down-enter (selecting gmail)

3) Search history for a recently visited site. For example

ctrl-t (new tab)
aza (search places for aza)

4) Paste a location I have in my clipboard that wasn’t turned into a link.

ctrl-t (new tab)
ctrl-v (paste)

5) Hop to the end of the list of tabs. I stopped doing this once I found that I could switch to the end of the list with ctrl-9.

6) Paste something that I’ve seen that I want to remember briefly: in other words, take a note.

This is probably quite obscure, but since the Awesome Bar has a different textfield for each tab, I sometimes save information in a tab as a quick way of taking notes.

If, however, there were a better way to take notes, able to save arbitrary html or images or embeds, that would be super terrific. Imagine Evernote, on each tab.

I think this is one of the main opportunities for new tab screens. We already have an Awesome Bar, which should focus entirely on navigation. But we *don’t* have a method for jotting down notes or copying things, which is unfortunate, since it’s one of the main activities that websurfers do.

On top of this, support can be made extremely simple, elegant, and clutter free. The blank page can remain, save for a small text message inviting you to paste or type in the blank tab, wherever you may.


The lack of one feature is a stupid argument against developing something new. Mozilla has different people working on different topics. There are people who’s responsibility it would be to implement a native text editor. The problem: There is no standard this could be based on I know of – and obviously, it wouldn’t matter nearly as much as improvements to the work flow.
My suggestion is: Find other people who support your cause, explain a way to implement it in valid JavaScript and/or HTML (or whatever).

The point of the new tab for me is speed. It’s about:blank because about:blank is fast. It’s not a search engine because a search engine is *not* fast.
If you do that, the most important thing is speed. If it slows down the creation of a tab, I will want to deactivate it.
Internet Explorer is a good example for bad behavior here: I go nuts when I open a tab and it takes 4 seconds before it’s actually usable!

I do think that this could be a useful addition to the browser, and I would develop that as a complementary feature, at an address like “about:fancy”.
I would love to see that being developed as an add-on.

Jesper Kristensen

So, what I see in your proposal is:
* Add IE8 Activities to the AwsomeBar
* Add Delisious bookmarks to the AwsomeBar
* Place a copy of the Location Bar (with AwsomeBar) in the content area of a new tab
* Place an overview of Most Visited websites or similar in the content area of a new tab

I would really like having something like Activities or Microformats in Firefox and in the AwsomeBar. I don’t see the value of copying the LocationBar to the content area, but who knows, maybe somebody find it easier to use when it is placed there.

I you want to have “you now normally visit..”, you need to seriously improve the AI from what is in the Firefox 3 Most Visited Smart Bookmark. That bookmark contains a list of completely uninteresting sites in my Firefox.

Totally agree. about:blank is a wasted opportunity, browsers should reclaim the homepage! You could easily add searchable favourites, context-sensitive places, a link to preferences, a link to the add-ons website, a google link, webmail etc.
In fact you could replace most of the chrome menu in a much nicer homepage.


My single most hated feature of IE is that it has to “connect” each time a new tab is opened and that takes time and distracts me from what I want to do. Also, we already have two bars up top (search and awesome), why add one to the middle? Just make sure my cursor defaultls to the right place, please. What I don’t like is that opening a new tab in full-screen mode gives me an entirely blank screen, and I have to ctrl+L or ctrl+e to do anything.

Some cool ideas here, but I’m not sure about putting the third command bar into the interface. Why not just give all these features to the awesomebar and be done with it? Then you get those features all the time, not just when opening a new tab. With the separate command bars, you would have three similar but slightly different interface elements to choose from.

I really like the automatic actions on cut and paste though.

And why not just go to the home page set in prefs? After all, that’s a page with a search field by default, can easily be set to about:blank by people who want that, and it can be a page full of frequently used links, like what I have set it to…


Is it a common habit? when I encounter a serious problem and can’t solve it for some time, I try to escape (subconsciously) – check mail, read blogs, etc. I really would not like my browser offering me these blogs with each new tab :-)
Big monochrome Search would be ok, though.

Someone already mentioned Firefox Journal. See http://clarkbw.net/blog/2007/09/12/firefox-journal/ – turns out Bryan Clark works for Mozilla Messaging now too.

Interesting concepts!

One thing I do feel though is that whatever is done, it needs to be computationally very quick. Having lag whenever opening a new tab will get old REALLY quick. For that reason, I think my favorite is the simple search box. I’d even suggest going with a bundled search page as opposed to pointing to someone like Google simply because it’s faster. Personally my activities in a new tab are pretty random and diverse, so keeping it quick is ideal.

A pref to disable might also be a good idea. I’m sure there are some that will always prefer about:blank as opposed to actual content.


I think it’s fine as it is. I already know what to do when I open a new tab. So no recommandations, please. And I can do most things with the awesomebar anyway. But, why in the world would you want to add a second(!) search bar? We already have one!

Gordon P. Hemsley

I don’t think have a duplicated Awesome Bar on about:blank would be especially useful. And I think putting a search box there could only be useful if it detected what you were going to search for before you got there.

I know, for me, I rarely use the built-in search bar because it saves what I searched for for all eternity. Instead, I’ve configured Firefox to use the location bar for searching (type term, hit enter). The only time I may use the search bar would be when what I want to search for has things that the location bar might interpret as a location, rather than a search term.

As for the other things to do with the data, such as parsing what you’ve copied or highlighted for use in maps or calendars is a great idea. And if the browser can predict where you want to go next, that’s also great.


Really interesting post. There’s a lot to mull over here.

As quick aside, several people are expressing surprise at the notion of a search bar in the tab. I’m not overly keen myself, but it would make sense.

It’s a widely-observed phenomenon that many internet users routinely type urls into search engines. These everyday users also deserve the functional benefits of the awesomebar and its concomitant empowerment of the user over external data-mining businesses.

Ivan Denker

I use new tabs like Danielle Fong does and I agree with Henrik that your proposal adds little to the already awesome (and focused) awesomebar (except maybe having copied/selected text auto-appear). Unlike Ami Ganguli I think that most of your (cool!) new ideas would fit well in the existing awesome bar, to benefit anyone accessing it from tabs old and new. Shouldn’t the awesomebar always offer to map addresses and show Delicious bookmarks? I think the awesomebar can handle all those things, and more, and that it’s best to concentrate on extending it as the universal interface.

For instance, if 90% of new tabs are for search, and there are people clamoring to change the default selection to be the search field, why not at least add a search option to the awesomebar? Opera and IE behave that way, I think. Not only does this save tabbing over to the search field, it allows me to start typing, and then attempt a search if I don’t see the results I want from Places. The default “Feeling Lucky” is good for lots of searches, such as the common case of maps, but not good for the other common cases, like definitions.

And the search “row” in the Awesomebar could even be the basis for an action interface: Type or paste a string, button down to “Search for…”, then side arrow over to “Map” or “Define” or “Add to notebook” or “Search nondefault Provider-X” . Maybe icons or a suggestion might make this discoverable?


I love this idea. It has to be one of the best things I’ve heard.

This is pretty much the perfect way of using ubiquity, and also it is perfect use of the blank tab. It is such a great feature. Will we see a prototype add-on or anything soon? I would love it if so.


I have to admit, I’m terribly scared of someone taking away focus from my normal awesome bar when I open a new tab. I like the awesomebar. Its one tab away from the searchbar. And it doesn’t confuse me on whether I can type an actual address in if need be. I think the majority of the world is comfortable with it, and moving focus to something that says, “Search the web” instead is a big usability problem.

However, I DON’T think filling the blank tab with potentially useful actions is a horrible idea though. Leave the bar where it is. Leave my focus where its supposed to be. Either Mozilla or Addons can fill in the tab with stuff if they want. I have no faith in any code’s ability to determine my actions from context. Its been tried a million times. Its rarely worked. But as long as it doesn’t get in my way, its nice when it occasionally does.


So, since the tab is empty, you create another awesomebar in it. I honestly cannot see the purpose.

Pre inserting the clipboard text is a great idea! Epecially into several various “outputs”. This is similar to the Hal’s example in The Human e Interface, where the entered numer is automatically converted to both F. and C. No delimeter is needed, or even needing to define what convertion you wanted. 100% effeciency!

Most of the time I create a new tab to go to a new url, second is to search, third is do a software package search. For everyone it will be similar with slight variances in detail. For me I would like prefilled copyboard text for; new url, wikia search, and a debian package search.

By the way, these videos are not viewable using Gnash. This isn’t a huge problem, however, is there a way to just download the video?

Hello. I’ve some suggestions about the concepts mentioned above.

Read http://shah.developer4ever.com/index.php/2008/08/26/new-tab-concepts-for-fx/

I hope the entry is interesting enough for you to consider.

Have a great remainder of the week. :)


Might be slightly off-topic but I notice that I often wished I could group tabs as a session and hide them temporarily. When switching from work to free time I often have several work-related tabs still open which should stay as they are for next day (or after my break), but should be hidden until I need them. Was any thought already invested in this use case?


Really like your ideas, like you say the new tab is currently “wasted space”. I have a concern though as I am always highlighting urls and then CTRL + T and CTRL + V and ENTER very quickly, will the search box take the focus as opposed to the url bar?

Another thought I had goes along a similar line of highlighting if you highlight a postcode (as it is here in England) or a zip code could the browser detect that it is a postcode/zip code and on a right click offer your favorite maps service i.e. Google maps.

There could also be a “Special shortcut” key again if you did similar to the above but say you highlighted a phone number could you then get the browser to load your favourite phone service i.e. skype with a simple keyboard shortcut like CTRL + SHIFT + G or something.

Hope maybe my thoughts and opinions help and maybe spawn further ideas.


It seems to me a 100% good idea. As you say, it costs the user 0, only gain to be had from this.


I sort of like it, i sort of don’t. when i open a new tab i just want to go to my homepage, which is a google’s main page. i’m am completely satisfied with that. i had to install a plug-in to do that becuase the mozilla guys decided to not include that feature in the newest edition of firefox. create a tab interface so we can do whatever the hell we want with the tabs.


Some good ideas. They’re not exactly zero cost though — they add delays to the tab opening which is already not instantaneous.



“How are you going to analyse this data in +50 languages?”

You don’t actually need to do this in advance — you build this knowledge as the user makes use of the interface. Every firefox user could speak a different language but as long as they have repeatable patterns, it would be possible to learn the mappings.

The problem is how far do we want to go in terms of feature generation — we could use the actual words that are selected (that would likely not be very useful), the number of words selected, the urls of the pages in the immediate history, the unicode sets covered by the characters, characters n-grams… finding a set of appropriate features that are fast to compute and accurate at predicting the task is the challenge here.

For my part, i think these are some great ideas. I installed Ambient News and it’s pretty interesting. Not done, but a step in the right direction. Thanks!


Current behavior is that when you open a tab, your cursor focus is already in the Awesome Bar. It would actually slow you down to have to change focus from the Awesome Bar down to the search+awesome bar field in the new tab.

Like the Awesome Bar more generally, the contextual sequencing is going to be problematic for anyone that visits NSFW websites (4chan, porn, etc). Could end up exposing information that people would otherwise not want exposed if they’re letting a friend use their computer or have a significant other looking over their shoulder.

Is there anyway to filter the results returned from the AwesomeBar or contextual sequencing so that pages that match certain criteria (adult content) are not displayed?

Some cool ideas, however most times I’m opening a new tab only when I click on links. eg open links in new tabs. I can also set open new tab to open on a specific page. At home this would be igoogle. So although it’s cools is there any point?

1) The blank page loads faster than putting content there.
2) You have a search bar in the top right. instead of ctrl+t new tab use alt+d, tab and you can search.
3) it should be 100% plugin based, not default. I have speeddial set to my default new tab.

I love a lot of these ideas, but one thing has me worried:

If it’s a webpage (ie, HTML and Javascript) that the browser is displaying as the default content of an “about:blank” site… and additionally that page is granted some kind of special permissions (to hunt through other open tabs’ content or worse yet, use stored sessions, like for gmail)…

what’s to stop trojans/viruses/adware/malware from taking over that page and using it for much more malicious intent, with much less obvious visibility than gator bar and popups and such?

Or, what’s to stop malicious pages from trying to mimic the look of such a meta-search page, trying to trick users into thinking they are using the “safe” browser search page and instead they are actually entering private search data into some malicious site’s hands?

I think the idea of having some kind of intelligent meta-search thing is really powerful and could be really helpful. I just think it shouldn’t appear at all like a web page (ie, put it in the browser chrome as some sort of overlay or something), and it shouldn’t be controlled at all by HTML/Javascript that would have to have special trusts granted to it which could lend it to being hijacked.

Vijay Chakravarthy

I dont think people open a new tab just to open a new tab.

The point is that there is a context for opening a new tab, that should ideally be transferred — for example shift enter in the search bar should open the search result in a new tab.

I would much prefer some way for the user to show their intent of — I’d like this to happen in the current tab, vs. I’d like this happen in a new tab. So maybe some way of doing the awesome bar that opens things in a new tab based on a modifier key?

I love your work. I think this is a very cool concept and I hope it gets implemented on the next firefox release.

I’ve been using “The Perfect HomePage” http://code.google.com/p/tphp/ and I think it has good things that can help.
I love the way it remembers the last sites I visited and have a calendar of my past activity.
This can be great things added to this concept. A very quick calendar or the last 10 sites I visited or most frequently visited.


The idea looks nice but I’m not really convinced I’d use it. In any case, as has been said before, it’d absolutely have to have an “off” switch because I’d very much prefer the tab to be usable right away to waiting even a second before it becomes responsive.

I very much dislike the idea of the browser trying to guess which page I want to visit (the “You usually visit…” links in the video). The pages I usually visit are in my bookmark toolbar (or in my memory). I’d really hate to have the browser tell my boss that I usually visit some news site during the office hours ;)

Another thing I’m skeptical about is internationalization and localization. Detecting American style addresses and appointments will be hard enough to do in as little time as I’m willing to give the new tab before I can start typing, but guessing the language and the microformat?

But I guess the people commenting on your idea aren’t really the target audience of this “new tab screen”. Maybe it would be more useful for a casual user whereas users who use Firefox everyday and know how tweak the settings and install extensions will at least be able to deactivate it. Most of the time I know what I want to do and I really don’t need the computer second guessing me ;) But as long as the implementation is fast and has an “off” switch, I’m willing to give it a shot.


Aza, You’ve got some great ideas there. I agree with many of the other comments though. Keep it simple. Also, as many people like the blank page, or liked the home page, there should definitely be an option to choose to have a new tab be blank, come up with the new ‘standard’ tab information or open your homepage.

I did look at the link to the Auto Dial but that is WAY too busy. The 2nd to last image that was posted as part of the blog definitely looks simple while still giving ‘enough’ information.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing the changes/updates.


What I saw, seemed like something I’d benefit from. Everything you did and described in the video, I use FF like that. I think it is a great idea, and if the user doesn’t like it, they can turn it off. Every example you described, I do it at least 4 times a week. Please add this as soon as y’all can.

It’s great functionality, I browse with Opera and the quick-dial in that constantly saves me time. Havng something like you propose in Firefox out of the box would be a real boon. I tend to use it for development so any ideas you have around that would be greatly appreciated!
And if people want to keep a blank and useless screen as a default then they can just switch it off.


I am your average websurfer, but I do know a pretty fair share of technology knowledge. I have never felt threatened by a blank screen when I open firefox because I know its going to be blank. I have never complained. The only thing I did to it was use stylish to apply a wallpaper to the blank, now the San Diego Chargers, page. No complaints, no hassles, & no crying here.


BAD AUDIO on Vimeo player on Mac Intel.


One thing that I *constantly* find myself doing is copying a URL from somewhere that it is not a hyperlink (text email, blog comment, whatever) and opening a new tab simply to visit that URL.

If a tab opens, and my clipboard has a URL in it, browse to that URL (or at least have a button/link for that URL).

Thanks for the vimeo!


As for me, I open “new tab” not for tab itself but for empty (and focused) address bar to type something in and open result in new tab.


Definitely include an OFF switch if you are going to implement this. We already use Tab Mix Plus so we can do things that we desire with our tabs. Context Search lets us highlight and search with the search engines available in our Search Bar. Why give us another place?

Now, Paste and Go, that’s one that needs to be implemented as a Default, although with Tab Mix Plus, we can add a right click option to Open in New Tab.

I don’t need the browser being bogged down with Guesses on what I want to do with my Highlights.
KyleSimpson has a good point about virus/malware writers as well.


I like the smart search that picks up on your selection in the last active tab.

How about adding some small thumbnails of your most frequented sites. So everytime you open a new tab you can just go to your favourite site with one click. Or maybe recent bookmarks, most visited bookmarks, etc.

Thing is that I usually just open up a new tab well for opening a new tab. And I’ll just end up typing one of my favourite sites in the awesome bar or do some search in the built-in search bar.

So if my browser hands me some options or suggestions of websites to visit (based on some criteria) then I’d probably go for one or more of thos options.


Bright Idea for Tabs. When there are 50 tabs and the user has the tab scroll disabled the feature is that just hovering over each tab should automatically increase the width for just that tab and proportionally so for the neighboring tabs so the user can read the tab title. Sort of like the thing on the bottom with the icons and the whole hover over an icon and make it bigger thing on Mac OSX. I’m not a Mac user but that Idea should be used on Firefox tabs to make the tabs bigger as the user hovers over them.


Hi Aza,

very nice thoughts you made – as usual.

Concerning a better tab screen: Have you had a look at Opera’s Quick Select when opening a new tab (sorry, I don’t know the English term for that feature)? It presents thumbnails from your favorite sites. This feature can be added to Firefox by using the Fast Dial extension (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5721) by telega.

This idea should be enhanced to a dynamic placement of sites. Let’s say to display my top 10 most visited sites. And of course a mashup with your ideas.

Although I was laughing about you showing how to adding a date to your calendar. How often do you see a phrase on a website stating “Meet with Jana at 3 pm”? :-) Anyway, having the opportunity to add to a calendar by selecting a address or a person’s name or any single term is just great.

But could you guys make your mind up about not using web services but different desktop applications. For example, I am using Thunderbird for my e-mail and messaging stuff or Rainlendar as a calendar. How can I easily interact with those apps?

OK, that’s for now. Thanks for your thoughts and your work, Aza.

I like your ideas… zero-config is nice for the masses, as long as it is not too complicated or confusing. I hope that you will still allow more advanced user configuration through the Options panel or perhaps an about:tabs page. I really like the way that the about:ubiquity page has been implemented.

Since this is about tabs, I have been wondering about the current chrome layout. Why are tabs below the address bar?

It seems that it would be best to have the most common UI elements right againt the edge of the screen: back, forward, reload and the tabs.

I agree that this would be a change of the Windows standards, where the edge of the screen is consumed by the window bar (useless), but I think it would make sense.


Very interesting concept, but i think that the same functionality can be accomplished using the awesome bar and/or the search bar.
Opera browser, for example, accepts “commands” or “shortcuts” in the address bar.
If the awesome bar is selected by deafult when you open a new tab, you can perform actions with this predefined shortcuts. For example, you type g firefox and the browser search for firefox in gmail. And you can set up your own “commands” or “shortcuts”.
It would be awesome if you can make a combination of shortcuts. For example, g clipboard and the browser search in google the content of the clipboard. Or type map selection to search the directions for the text selected.
Another possibility is to do something in the current tab and when you create a new one, the awesome bar shows suggestions. For example, selecting some text, cmd+t and the new tab opens with the awesome bar expanded with suggestions.
A separate command bar plus a separate search are not necesary if you have an intelligent address bar. You can get rid of these elements and simplify the visual interfase.

Wikipedia random article.

Holding ALT when hitting enter in the location and search fields open the page in a new tab.

Blank is a waste of time.

I really liked the maps/calendar and you-normally-browse ideas

Another thing I would like is recognising a url from my clipboard and having it pasted in the location bar automatcally so that I can set off to that page just by pressing enter.
Actually I would rather prefer a shortcut (e.g. ctrl + alt + T) to allow me to do this, as this is one of the most common actions I perform after opening a tab other than search

    I have to say I agree with most of what is being settad here. I am gonna have to have to snatch the feed so I can keep tabs. on what is going on around here.

Hi, for the search thing, what would be a lot simpler is if when you typed something in the search bar it opened a new tab in and did the search in that. That would do the first part of your bar a lot easier.

However I was still interested and I think that generally it it is good. However the problem with that is, often when I view a site I get add windows, and it would be a bit annoying to find that there was an add taking up one of those slots of regular sites. Perhaps there could bean X button with the option, remove this site from most viewed or something like that.

Also the maps thing I think is great. However if I search for my house on google maps, it won’t find it unless I am looking at my country. How would that work with your search thing?? If would have to somehow complete the rest of the address.

Finally, also with you selected text thing. Prehaps if we open a new tab and we have a url selected or on the clip board it would take us directly to that url and miss out new tab screen or at least give a link to that site.

Love the idea though.


I really like the concepts presented here, and hope to see something like this included with Firefox. Needing an Addon for this is asking too much for the “average user”.

I have lists and lists of Addons I use all the time, but the average joe isn’t so adept at finding and installing and using useful plugins.

However, the bottom line is, the new tab window needs some great improvements for usability.

Great things could come from this idea!!

Bob Lord


Interesting work. What telemetry does Mozilla get from FF users to validate the 90% assertion? What is the second most performed task?

You can do whatever you want to the about:blank page as long as you don’t take the focus of the new tab away from the address bar.

Often the very first thing I do when I open Firefox is Command+T to open a new tab then enter in whatever address I want to go to. If firefox would put the focus on the address *cough* awesome bar then I wouldn’t have to open a new tab. It always struck me as odd that the default cursor location WASN’T the address bar. Isn’t the entire reason i’m opening a web browser is to go to a website? 90% of the time i open a browser and go to email or news or a specific site before searching. Of course I realize you guys make Millions by having the search bar be the default.

So please do not change the focus on the address bar when opening a new tab.

Oh also… your vimeo says to come here to have a dialog about this… i see lots of comments but no replies from you. ;) Monologs went out with 1.0 remember?

Hi Aza, looks like the people behind Googles Chrome-Browser had very similar ideas: http://blogoscoped.com/google-chrome/21 Looking forward to test it!

Partly repeating what “Lex” said:

For me, the address bar already is what you propose to display in the as-yet-unused window. I use the Firefox bookmark keywords a lot, so the verb-object relationships they enable are very important (to me). For me, googling for “foo” means “gg foo”, searching Amazon is “az foo” and so on. I think Google’s Chrome [1] caught on to this. For them, one can search for the site first (=verb) then press tab and then enter the search term (=object).

Furthermore, the current Firefox address bar produces a pop-down menu that occupies the window space, so it does not go to waste anyway.

[1] http://blogoscoped.com/google-chrome/20


Hello Aza,

For me personally I hit Command-T then hit tab for to use google for my search. I really am very intrigued by the ideas and concepts that you have presented in this video.


Agreed – great idea to use the blank space but typing the search should go in the search box or the awesome bar. Having yet another input box is unnecessary and would feel cluttered, I think. The new page should have pre-loaded content like (maybe) currently open tabs, search results for the current selection, bookmark items or history items.


One more thing – it would be more efficient to have the smart actions on the selection be performed in a context menu item instead of new tab. You copy some text (say from your PDF viewer), right-click on a FF window and select the item. The item would say either “add to calendar ’3 pm meeting…” or “map of ’1981 Landings Dr…” or “open ‘www.azarask.in/blog/pos…”, depending on the text in the clipboard. This saves explicitly opening a new tab. Using blank tabs is faster only if you do not have a FF window already at hand.

I’m am hugely surprised by how many people open new, blank tabs. Why are you doing this? It’s an unnecessary step. A waste of time.

Need to search in a new tab? Type in the search bar and hold ALT when you hit Enter. Ditto for addresses in the location/Awesome bar. BBrian already mentioned this way back in the comments.

Highlight text on a page, right-click, “Search Google for…”. Search results in new tab. This uses the active search engine, but can be easily extended to return definitions, translations, anything.
Why are people selecting, copying, opening a new tab, focusing the search bar, pasting, then executing?

This functionality has been in Firefox since the 0.-days, if i’m not mistaken. At least since version 1.

I like your brainstorming ideas, Aza—they’ve got me thinking.


I am not sure about the whole idea of having a not so clean new tab. But one idea I have from here is that when you select some text in a tab, on right clicking you could give contextual options such as “search on Google”, “map it” etc. It might be a simple add on but if it is contextual and guesses the kind of text which I am selecting, I would love it.

All good ideas.

What I would like is a simple tree/map of my browser bookmarks below a standard search box. This needs to be an option for new tabs in the browser configuration.

Another idea for your books:
Have a multiple tab bookmark function. Where bookmarks in a folders are opened together as tabs.

For example. There are websites that I visit everyday and I can categorise these by news, tech stuff, gadgets, sports, etc.. now if I select a folder, all bookmarks inside the folder opens in new tabs, this way, I can browse my fav websites without having to open each one or click on the bookmark thing for every link.

You can pay me later ;)

After using Google Chrome for a few weeks now, the new tab screen has caught my attention in how it could be improved.

Although it has sites I frequently visit. I sometimes wish I could hover over the 9-site dial and scroll with the mouse wheel down to see more sites that I visit.

Having a list of sites that I frequently visit is nice but having a simple dial of sites that I like visiting seems more appropriate.

Otherwise the ‘frequently’ visited sites (according to my history) will always outweigh sites that I like to visit today.

Not sure if this has been mentioned already. I had an idea and didn’t have time to read all the comments.

I can use on my Mac:
Cmd+T to make new tab
Cmd+L to get to the address bar then Tab once to the search engine
Enter in my keywords and I’m at my Google Web Search.

My idea.
When a search is made from the Search Provider in the browser, have it open a new Tab and not write over my current tab.

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I have to agree that a blank new tab works best for me. If I want to do a search based on selected context I simply load up the particular search tool on my Search bar, right click and select Search SearchTool for “foo”. The search is performed in a new tab without having to do anything else.

Usually if I open a new tab it’s to go to another site I have bookmarked or have been to recently. The Smart Location Bar is selected automatically so there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel to put the feature in another place.

As far as opening our home page in a fresh tab goes, that wouldn’t work for people like me who have multiple home pages specified. Granted, I’m on of the minority who actually uses bookmarks so I may be one of the few who also uses a single home page.

Bottom line? Please leave the fresh tab blank the way it is now. Doing anything else will only send me searching for yet another Remove-on to regain a long established behavior and make me long all that much more for an alternate browser that behaves like a combination of Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. Yes, I’m one of the idiots who wishes he could be using Firefox 2.5 rather than Firefox 3, and I continue to use Firefox only because I’m spoiled by all of the extensions I use.

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Can we select graphic to lightly fill white of back ground?
An will the Amazing Bar Search move to top and be smaller
like Google does so you don’t haft to scroll down each search cause search box in middle of the page? It moves to top.
Did you also say ability to select what search engine for Amazing Bar Search page??

Can we lock search page where all new links open in new tab and not take over search page.

I like Idea of it readying page you frequent. I have folder where I “Booked Marked All tabs” to folder I frequent. Then I go to Bookmarks and select option “Open all in folder”…sure slow ties up some due to fact all loading at once. Need option to load up one after another..(load all page at once OR load one by one) So after first page loads from folder fully it goes onto the next page.

I like the fact that you are thinking about removing redundant repetitious actions

One thing I’ve been thinking about for some time is the whole copy and paste issue. SO often websites these days either have trash in the address or are blocking an address for some reason, or an address is listed without being hyper-text for whatever reason. When I select part of a text field that LOOKS like an address… it should be pretty simple for the browser to figure that out… even if the “h” is cut off of the http or it’s completely missing… the browser is plenty smart to figure out that a bunch of words with periods and no spaces is probably an internet or email address. So… when I select an internet or email address and hit right-click… I get the option to copy the information or preform a search on the information… and that’s great and all… but what if the browser was smart enough to figure out that it’s an internet or email address and give me the options to Open “www.whateversite.com” In New Tab or Email “user@email.com”? And what giving that action a keystroke as well? You know, select text field internet address, hit “Shift-Ctrl-Tab” and the browser attempts to open it in a New Tab automatically? (correcting for missing prefixes in the address just like the Location Bar already does). I think I would find that feature about 10000x more useful than any of the new “Awesome Bar” features.

Oh yeah, and I mean this to apply to the Location Bar itself as well as text fields on a page… you know, sometimes you get an address with lots of trash at the end and it doesn’t work (common recent Google Image Search behavior) or you get lost in a Flash page and can’t find the Home page. It would be nice to quickly select part of the address that is valid, or to quickly truncate an address from the Location Bar to get to the Home page of sites with navigation issues without losing the current open Tab and without the 7-step process of: select/right-click/copy/open-new-tab/right-click/paste/go. 3 steps is better than 7 any day!

costin gusa

a browsing session is a tree of actions.
a browsers’ lifetime consists in creation of, growth of,chopping of and cutting of the tree.
a tab is a leaf in the tree; even more, going back/forward moves you from one leaf to another

the design should handle the entire lifecycle of a tab: creation,existance and disposal and also the relation of a tab with other tabs and the mother window. your post is just about the creation. if you want to read more, i’ll try to develop the idea here, just let me know, i’m terribly asleep now: http://costinel.googlepages.com/firefox


I really like having a blank page open up! Please don’t force me to see some crap instead!


As long as it keeps opening a new tab the same speed as a blank tab AND doesn’t slow it down like the Internet Explorer “connect” to open a new tab, I think the ideas are fine. I’m not sure how I would use them, but they sound interesting.

Also, how are you going to secure the personal data needed to do all these wonderful thinks? This would be a gold mine for a hacker otherwise.

Never mind “opening a tab”. Just search and have the “tabs” open themselves. Have aps come in and hover based on what your doing. Have them fade as you move away, but still remain accessible. The browser becomes a desktop and a history list. It COULD have its own editor or your fave editor can hover around.

Thanks for the post, i enjoyed reading it. blogging is not as easy as many think it is, it’s hardwork. any how thanks.

I appreciate this community, and I value all that I have gained from it. I’ve been pretty shy around here, up to the point of being too afraid to post my own reactions in this place until now (I found a book that has really changed my life). Anyway, thanks for letting me be a part of this community and say a quick hello.

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I hope someone reads this.

Because this is my experience. I only open a new tab to go to a completely new site. When I make a search, my Firefox opens the results on a new tab by default (and I simply drag and drop the desired text into the search engine of my choice, or type it in and press enter). When I open a bookmark, I either middle click it to open on a background new tab, or I left click it to open on a foreground new tab. That’s how my Firefox behaves, thanks to Tab Mix Plus, and that’s how I like it. But, in truth, I don’t even need to open a new tab to go to a completely different site (without inheriting the current tab’s history). I could simply type in the address or whatever on the address bar, and ALT+Enter instead of simply Enter. In default Firefox, this is how it works too, and that’s great. You can also ALT+Enter a search query and it will open it in a new tab.

In short, the new tab page is a byproduct of a faulty browsing habit, because there are faster ways to do it. If anything, the new tab should include instructions for the user (by default) so that he knows how to alter his browsing habits in order to do things faster and easier.

Also, I think a modular design is always nice, and having something like iGoogle on both the new tab page and the home page (about:start or something) is a good thing, because it provides customization and freedom. It would also be very good if the proposed home button in the tab bar would function as a faviconized tab that’s always loaded with the intern about:start or something. But I say this because that’s how I browse, and I think everyone should browse like I do for maximum efficiency, because my habits are honed with everything I know about efficiency. Hindered by bad habits here and there, of course. But well, an about:start tab with an organized RSS reader (an internal one at that) would be absolutely amazing.

Now, please please PLEASE someone “up there” read this :P I think I’m saying anything dumb.

I like my new tab fast and lean, and I fail to see the point of replicating parts of the interface in other places, but others might

it differently.


Hello Aza,

I watched your video and thought: but I already can do most of these things without opening a blank tab. For instance, I often select text, right-click and choose Google, and a new tab opens with the search executed….or I select an address and right-click Map and a Google map opens to the selected address. (In fact, the Google toolbar used to have a wonderful AutoLink tool that found addresses on a page, highlighted the addresses, and when one was clicked, a new tab with the map opened. I never figured out why this tool was removed.) I do these things in Windows Firefox, and so I don’t know whether Apple will also do this as easily.

By the way, today is the first day I’ve ever heard of you, and I enjoyed reading about your work and that of your late father. I hope you will continue to innovate and make things better for all of us. Thank you.

There used to be a preference to open your homepage when opening a tab instead of about:blank (maybe there still is; I couldn’t find it). This is very similar to that in many ways.


There used to be a preference to open your homepage when opening a tab instead of about:blank (maybe there still is; I couldn’t find it). This is very similar to that in many ways.

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I don’t think have a duplicated Awesome Bar on about:blank would be especially useful. And I think putting a search box there could only be useful if it detected what you were going to search for before you got there.

Interesting work. What telemetry does Mozilla get from FF users to validate the 90% assertion? What is the second most performed task?

It looks really good. Going to check it out for my blog. Thanks a lot for sharing


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I think this is a great idea as long as it’s kept light-weight. If the new page is rendered entirely by the browser (no delay for network access) then I don’t see any down side at all, but significant upside for common use-cases.

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Yeah. Think again!! You are going to make it easier and easier for Yahoo (the HATED Yahoo) to hijack our new tab page. No dummie directions, please. Give me choices!!

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